fora is leading a workspace revolution

the traditional office block is dead

The space in which we work must provide much more than just a desk and a chair. It must inspire us, feed our creativity, and accommodate personal and business growth.

Demanding better

Resident wellbeing and productivity inform every choice we make at Fora. From ensuring our spaces are flooded with natural light, to providing first-class hospitality, excellent food and beverage options and bookable personal trainers.

We constantly demand better and have established an expert team made up of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds to perfect our unique 'proworking' offering.

Natural Light
Excellent Food and Drink
Resident Wellness Programme
Flexible Event Spaces
Outside Spaces
Members' Club-style Hospitality
Shower and Changing Facilities
Around the Clock Access

Fora was founded by a global hotel management executive and a London experience entrepreneur with a mission to redefine what the term workspace can mean. Headed by Enrico Sanna (former Managing Director at Deutsche Bank) and Katrina Larkin (co-founder of The Big Chill Festival), Fora wants to reimagine our office experience by employing premium hotel-style service and design, innovative technology and a curated approach to Resident activity.

Enrico Sanna

“Working on the bank's hospitality portfolio, I learned the value of great service in modern hotels. However, my perception was that the office, where we spend most of our time, was still stuck in the last century. The Fora vision is to revolutionise the office, in part using the principles of customer experience that I learned in the world of hotels.”

Katrina Larkin

“Throughout my career I have sought to elevate people’s experience of leisure time, opening their minds to new expectations, and I believe that work time is crying out for the same kind of creativity and innovation. The Fora approach encompasses everything from the physical design of the space to the curation of people and experiences.”

Fora Management Team

CEO & Co-Founder

Enrico Sanna

Enrico has a wealth of experience in the hospitality and financial services sectors. Most recently, he served as MD and Head of Operating Assets for the NCOU of Deutsche Bank.

Co-Founder & Head of Experience

Katrina Larkin

Katrina worked with Brockton Capital on Camden Lock Market and has a wealth of experience in creating experiential retail, leisure and festival environments in the UK and internationally.

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Boston

Simon has 20 years’ financial and commercial experience, working with fast-growth consumer and hospitality companies.

Director of Business Development & Analytics

Noam Attar

Noam has over 14 years’ experience and brings a mix of expertise in the commercial real estate and financial industries.

Head of Operations

Matthew Buckingham

Matt has 17 years’ experience within the hospitality sector, growing young companies into successful brands, including the Individual Restaurant Company (IRC) and Drake & Morgan.

Head of Growth

Sam Gregory

Sam has 14 years’ experience as a senior marketing professional, working both technology and client side, holding positions at Google and OVO Energy.

Director of Technology & Innovation

James Scerri

James has over 10 years’ of experience in the field of Information Technology mainly in the hospitality sector but also with experience in online gaming and telecommunications.

Head of Sales

Isaac Tonkin

During Isaac’s 10 years of sales leadership he has built successful teams across Europe and Australia with broad experience of the hospitality and commercial real estate sectors.

Head of Data & Insight

Judith kleine Holthaus

Previously working for both McDonald's and Whitbread, Judith brings a wealth of experience in consumer research and analytics to the team.