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  • January

Announcing Fora Resident Benefits

At Fora, our focus is on creating a space where our residents can thrive. To this end, we are proud to announce the launch of Fora Resident Benefits. Through the network, Residents can enjoy discounts on a range of business services, from partner organisations selected and vetted by Fora.


At the time of launch, the partner network includes companies offering IT support, contract management, legal services, business coaching, research and analytics, HR services, currency exchange and photography and video production.


Fora’s Head of Business Development, Noam Attar, says: “We are excited to launch Fora Resident Benefits, which we hope will save our Residents’ money through discounts on services. We also believe that the partner network will save our Residents’ time and attention by finding trustworthy, reliable suppliers, leaving them free to focus on their business.”


To see the full range of services and discounts and for details for how to redeem the offers, Fora Residents just need to open the Fora app, tap Fora World, then select Benefits. The partnerships listed are live right now.  And watch this space for more Fora Resident Benefits. As Noam says: “I have an open door policy to all Fora Residents – if anyone has a specific need for a type of service or supplier please do email me and we will endeavour to find reliable suppliers and negotiate discounts.”


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