5 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Work Life

May 2019

As we dig out the garden furniture and dust off the BBQ this spring, we’re looking forward to the promise of things to come. So what better way to bring in the warmer season than to shake off winter’s shroud with a good spring clean. Take some time now ‘clean’ your work life and reset for the year ahead.


In de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo’s words, “the space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past”. Your work life is no different. It should be set up for what’s next, not cluttered with what went before. Let’s get to work.

Declutter your desk space

Minimise distractions by having just your laptop, water and planner within reach, leaving the inspiration to the beautiful interior design around you. Some people find it productive to have a left-to-right working space, separating work to do and work done, which is easy to replicate when you’re hot-desking in co-working spaces.   Spring clean your digital space A cluttered device will also leave you feeling swamped. Decide what emails you need to respond to and file others appropriately. Delete any apps you don’t use and run the updates on your machine. You might also choose to install some project management software, like Trello or Slack to organise your time effectively.

Tidy your to-do list

Studies show that planning how we’re going to tackle tasks makes us feel less anxious about getting them done. Make your to-do list more effective by only jotting down what you can reasonably get done and keep a note of more ‘overarching’ projects elsewhere. This will stop things becoming totally overwhelming and demotivating when you can’t get the big tasks done in one.

Clear your headspace

Data shows that current generations are working no more hours than those before us, yet we feel busier because we’re always contactable. Beat the busy feeling by taking note of all the tasks you do on a normal day and how long they take you. Download a time tracking software like Toggl to see exactly what’s taking up all your time so you can free it up for what matters most.   Reassess your working environment Is your workspace working for you? A spring clean can help you see the environment in a new light. Consider whether you really have enough space, whether the design is inspiring and whether you really have the right tools at your disposal. If something is missing in the puzzle, co-working spaces give you flexible space that moulds to your company. And if workplace wellbeing is a priority, then Fora should be top of your list. Check out each of our inspiring space here.