Fora Recommends: The best of Shoreditch street food

October 2019

One of the reasons why people love Shoreditch is the street food scene. It has a great way of bringing people together over a love of all things flavourful. Where better for lunch, dinner or an after work social session.

  Shoreditch is one of many Hackney hubs for anyone after good food and a good time. Its two main street food hangouts – Dinerama and Boxpark – are full of people soaking up the atmosphere and sniffing out their favourite places to eat. And here are ours.   Rudie’s Jerk Shack – Boxpark For punchy flavours and tropical freshness, Rudie’s Jerk Shack can’t be beaten. It’s our go-to when we’re craving some spicy jerk chicken. It’s a real mood lifter when the weather is gloomy. What the pitta! – Boxpark This stall in Boxpark is a Hackney icon for anyone vegan. It makes sure the meat-free don’t miss out on a proper kebab. But these aren’t the kind you regret the next morning. They’re fresh enough to be a regular lunchtime treat, and you can round it off with some vegan almond baclava too. Dum Dum – Boxpark Baked rather than fried, these are the diet answer to doughnuts. They’re a touch lighter but just as indulgent. Yum Bun – Dinerama If you’re nearer Hoxton, Dinerama will become a social staple. Our favourite lunchtime meal here is from Yum Bun. Expect steamed Taiwanese buns filled with flavour and texture that will leave you feeling the right kind of full and ready for a productive afternoon. Fundi – Dinerama Fundi is where Naples meets Great Eastern Street. They’ve got chewy bases down to a tee, and they top them with the classics. It’s a solid pizza choice that won’t let you down. Winerama – Dinerama Before you head to one of the many bars of Hoxton or Shoreditch High Street on a Friday, make a diversion to Winerama. There’s no finer place to be than at this rooftop wine bar with something fizzy or smooth and rouge in hand. It’s how we like to round off the week whenever we get the chance.   Our Great Eastern Street location is right by Dinerama and less than a five-minute walk from Boxpark. And soon, we’ll have offices right on Shoreditch High Street too. Come and see us and we’ll give you a tour of our premium coworking spaces.