Technology Your Office Needs For Summer Productivity

July 2019

  Summer can be a tough time for productivity thanks to seasonal variables like holidays and climate. Studies show that general motivation levels also take a nosedive. So what can we use to guard against the ‘quiet season’ and keep things moving?

  The average person’s productivity dips around 20% during the summer months because of factors like distracting events and holidays, poor office climate control and bad sleep patterns. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our favourite tech (and just general advice) you and your office could use to keep the productivity levels up.   Dyson Cool Fan – to keep the office cool  Make sure everyone is comfortable with this air-purifying and cooling fan from Dyson. Sleek and taking up minimal space, this design icon is powerful and quiet to help you focus when the world is hotting up around you. £339 and up (if you want the heating version)   Personal Spray Misters – to help make outside travel more comfortable Outside can be an energy-sapping place when the temperature rises. Grab some cool water and pump your way to happiness with MistPro Mate 3 from MistyPro, your refillable, personal water spray. Not only will it cool you down but the spray will also save you from dry eyes. Perfect for holidays and weekends too.  $49.99   Nootropics – to focus and sleep better Recently voted by Men’s Health as the best nootropic, Motion Nutrition is fast becoming the secret weapon for those who want to focus (Power Up) or get better quality sleep (Unplug) thanks to its all-natural ingredients.  £24.99 for a month’s supply   Get Exercising For Good – to increase motivation and team cohesion Check out Scooch, a startup that is looking to help businesses earn sponsored rewards for themselves and charity by simply moving enough. From extra pension money to a cancer charity donation, Scooch is working with big and small firms to get people moving.  Why not use a Fora personal trainer to set a fitness challenge for the team? Exercise is good for refocusing, de-stressing and helping you get a better night’s sleep. Book your training session via the Fora Wellness app. £30 and up   Powerbank – keep calm because you’re powered up.  The heat can sap phone and laptop batteries harder as they try to keep cool so if you’re not in the shade (or even if you are) fear not because Cygnett has all your power needs covered. The latest product to win an innovation award is the wireless charging 10,000mAh wireless power bank. £69.95   Tinggly – for shaking yourself up. Maybe for yourself or maybe as a perk for your team, Tinggly offers the chance to do amazing things you don’t regularly get to do. Whether as a reward, a group activity or just for yourself. Get something amazing going.  £99 and up   Other top productivity tips you may want to think about:

  • Start later in the day – because of the light, people are more alert later during summer months so why not use the cooler evenings rather than the sticky afternoons? Starting later also avoids the worst of the summer morning commute – a soul-crushing experience on the best of days.
  • Buy ice for the office – cooler drinks encourage people to drink faster and more frequently and hydration really is key. Ice is also handy to put in front of fans to cool down spaces.
  • Cancel unnecessary meetings – think digital updates and cool downs. Limit yourself from rushing around the office or the city as this benefits no one in the heat.
  • Keep the air moist – use a humidifier if necessary. Dry eyes cause tiredness and irritability. Muji has a great one that’s currently on sale.

  If you’re thinking of switching up your workspace then Fora’s are the most productive you’ll find. Fit for summer with garden space, roof terraces and sensor-controlled air conditioning throughout, check out our locations to see how we could help you cool off this summer.  

Paul Armstrong runs HERE/FORTH, an emerging technology advisory, is the author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’ and regularly writes about technology and society for Forbes, Reuters and Cool Hunting. He is also the creator of TBD the conference which attendees described as ‘TED… without the bullsh!t’. www.thetbdconference.com