This Much I Know; How To Successfully Run A Business, by Scott Schuberg of Rivkin

I run a growing Australian financial services business named Rivkin, and in June this year I moved to London to create a business in Europe (can I still call it Europe?) that will allow us to reach new customers, extend our investment coverage, attract high-impact staff members with experience that differs from that in the … Continued

Announcing Fora Resident Benefits

At Fora, our focus is on creating a space where our residents can thrive. To this end, we are proud to announce the launch of Fora Resident Benefits. Through the network, Residents can enjoy discounts on a range of business services, from partner organisations selected and vetted by Fora.   At the time of launch, … Continued

Service Excellence at Fora

At Fora, when we’re describing what we do, we often refer to “members’ club style service” and “hotel style hospitality”. But what does this mean? In a nutshell, we are referring to Service Excellence – anticipating and responding to our Residents’ needs, so that they have best experience possible while they are here. And to … Continued

Why the solution to corporate stress lies in great service

According to Forbes, there is a persistent and unspoken belief that entrepreneurs must work for 70-100 hours per week for their business to be successful. Team this with fitting everything in – and doing everything well – and getting the recommended 7-8 hours sleep each night (according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine), often … Continued