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How I Work: Miriam Tyrangiel, Undercover

  Could you introduce yourself and your business? I’m Miriam, I’m the founder of Undercover, an online home textiles brand. My background is in branding so I also run branding projects for select clients. Where are you based? I’m based at Fora Central Street. Tell us about the beginnings of the company and how you … Continued

Back to the Future: Artisan Work and the Return of the Labour Theory of Value, Pt. II; by Hung Lee

What is an artisan? From the Oxford English Dictionary: An artisan is a skilled craft worker who makes things by hand that are functional as well as decorative, for example furniture, clothing, food items, household items and tools or even mechanisms such as the handmade clockwork movement of a watchmaker. Artisans practice a craft and … Continued

Why everyone needs a war room; by Ben Kay, UX Director at Cohaesus 

You know those projects that need collaborative problem-solving as well as time and space to allow ideas to percolate? You know when you desperately want to book a meeting room to have a big discussion about a critical decision or juncture, but there aren’t any available until tomorrow? You know when you’re on the verge of an innovative breakthrough … Continued

Overwork doesn’t work; by Niall Purcell

In 1930 John Maynard Keynes suggested in his essay, “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren”, that technological advances would allow people to work just 15 hours per week by the year 2030. Barring serious upheaval in the next 12 years, Keynes has been proven incorrect. Whilst the average work week declined throughout the 20th century, extreme … Continued

This Much I Know; How To Successfully Run A Business, by Scott Schuberg of Rivkin

I run a growing Australian financial services business named Rivkin, and in June this year I moved to London to create a business in Europe (can I still call it Europe?) that will allow us to reach new customers, extend our investment coverage, attract high-impact staff members with experience that differs from that in the … Continued

Announcing Fora Resident Benefits

At Fora, our focus is on creating a space where our residents can thrive. To this end, we are proud to announce the launch of Fora Resident Benefits. Through the network, Residents can enjoy discounts on a range of business services, from partner organisations selected and vetted by Fora.   At the time of launch, … Continued

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