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Resident Wisdom: World Cup vs. Work

Type in “watching the World Cup at work” into your preferred search engine and you’ll find a glut of clickbait listicles explaining all the ways you can watch football from your desk, with hidden browsers, clever mirror angles, and frequent suggestions to resolve the situation with a sick day. We turn to our favourite sources, … Continued

The Tech Disruption Series: PropTech

By Vicky Spratt When was the last time you reached into the junk drawer in your kitchen for a takeaway menu? What about the last time you set foot in a travel agent? Booked a taxi over the phone? Sent a letter? Tech innovation has transformed the way we live our lives. Often, it has … Continued

The Tech Disruption Series: HealthTech

Article by Lee Bell If you were to ask someone what they think the term “health tech” means, their first train of thought would probably be something along the lines of smartwatches, fitness trackers, or some wearable of some kind. And while they’re not at all wrong, the wearables currently available in the electronics stores … Continued

International Women’s Day; Women in Tech at Fora; by Georgie Barrat

Currently women only make up 17% of the UK tech workforce. This percentage drops to a mere 3.9% when looking at how many are software engineers. Women are being left out of the conversation across an entire ecosystem that is fundamentally shaping the way we live, work and interact. With the gathering momentum of the … Continued

Back to the Future: Artisan Work and the Return of the Labour Theory of Value, Pt. I; by Hung Lee

When talking about the ‘future of work’, we might be forgiven for feeling that soon there may not be too much of it left for us to do. Another day, another example: a machine performing a complicated task at a speed and with a precision beyond the capability of the human beings who were doing … Continued

These Things I Know; Six Lessons From a Successful Startup; by Colby Short of GetAgent

Colby Short, co-founder of proptech startup success story and Fora Central Street Residents GetAgent, shares six lessons he’s learned. 1.BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND I don’t really read too many business books, but the one I have found invaluable is the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey. One of the … Continued

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