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Fora - Clerkenwell - Central St.
2nd January 2018

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Fora - Clerkenwell - Central St.
2nd November 2017

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  • Fora - Clerkenwell - Central St.

Co-creating Dallington Street

Residents are the heart of Fora. So on Friday 7th July, Central Street Residents gathered at the Forum table to get a preview of Fora’s next space and brainstorm with us to co-design the future of Fora.


Co-founder Enrico Sanna welcomed Residents to the session before handing over to Russell Durling, our Head of Development and Architectural Design, to share the vision for Fora Dallington Street.



There was great interest in the new features that we are planning, such as the new Scope Rooms. Everyone was especially excited by plans for the spectacular-but-as-yet-unnamed top floor café/bar, event and breakout space.

During the feedback session there were inspiring suggestions from Residents. We are now working these into our vision.

Thank you to everyone who joined the session. Special thanks to those who contributed feedback and ideas. We hope you are as excited as we are to see and use the space at Dallington Street.


This breakfast session was just the start of our co-creation journey.  Any Resident with feedback on plans for Fora Dallington Street, please email Russell at [email protected] For feedback and suggestions for events, please email [email protected]


And if anyone has suggestions for what we should call the top floor space, please tweet them at @Fora_space


Fora Dallington Street is FORA’s second location and will launch at the beginning of 2018, offering beautiful, professional, flexible work and office space in the heart of Clerkenwell. For more information about Fora Dallington Street please use the form below or email [email protected].