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An introduction to biophilic design with Natasha Jade
Apr 20
An introduction to biophilic design with Natasha Jade



We're looking to nature for design inspiration! Join us as we explore how biophilic design enhances our health, wellbeing, and productivity.

Terra{Fora} is a journey towards sustainability - not only a bold statement of our commitment to the environment but also a joyful celebration of our power to effect change.

For this first instalment, we're exploring the concept of biophilic design, with Natasha Jade, one of the foremost experts on the topic.

Biophilia or 'love of all that is living' speaks to our inherent ability to connect with the natural world. Biophilic design brings this innate connection into our living and working spaces and is essential for our wellbeing and that of the planet. By understanding how different aspects of nature affect our cognitive, physiological, and emotional function, we can consciously design our environment in a way that supports our health and cultivates creative and focused thinking. This workshop will present a menu of different biophilic ideas to strengthen our sense of nature, belonging, and connection to place.

Agenda and learning outcomes:

  • Identify the universal principles of biophilic design
  • Understand biophilic design, its intuitiveness, and its importance for long-term sustainability
  • Explore the health, wellbeing, and productivity benefits of bringing nature into our spaces
  • Understand how we can use biophilic design in the workplace

Benefits of attending the session:

  • Feel inspired to integrate biophilic design into your living and working space for enhanced wellbeing, and lower stress levels
  • Understand our evolved connection with nature so that you can consciously apply these intuitive design principles to match your personal and professional needs
  • Realise the power of biophilic design when it comes to improving productivity and creativity.


"That was AMAZING" - Aaron Horn, Sarm Studios.

"I really loved it!" - Claire O'Neill, Director GEI

"The team loved your talk" - Zachary Pullman, Zachary Pullman Design Studio.

"It was a joy to sit on the session with you, so much learning" - Patrick Scally, Manager, The Trampery.

About Natasha Jade Studios:

Natasha Jade Studios is an art and design studio pioneering biophilic and sustainable practices. The studio creates work that affirms life and grounds subjects in space. Natasha teaches seminars on the universal applications of biophilic design, which are highly relevant to fields of architecture, interior, and graphic design.

Date And Time

Tue, 20 April 2021 08:30 - 00:00


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