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Restore: Sleep Therapy with Pukka Herbs
Oct 20
Restore: Sleep Therapy with Pukka Herbs



Why does happiness rest in sleep? How do we get better quality sleep? In conversation with Jo Webber, Pukka Herbs, Head of Herbal Education.

Jo Webber is an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher, and is passionate about helping people get better sleep. It’s the single easiest (and free!) thing we can all do to increase our health and happiness.

The science and knowledge of sleep is constantly shifting, and Jo will cover some of the latest research. Science supports that there does not seem to be one major organ in the body, or process within the brain, that isn't optimally enhanced by sleep; or detrimentally impaired when we don't get enough, leading to symptoms such as memory issues and brain fog, anxiety or mood changes, a weakened immune system and an increased desire for sugary foods and caffeine. However, most of us are getting around an hour less sleep a day compared with our grandparents which adds up to a full month of less sleep each year!

Agenda and learning outcome:

Jo will outline a clear 7-day ‘Sleep with ease’ programme with simple achievable steps to get more restorative sleep and support your internal body clock (the circadian rhythm). Are you a night owl, struggling to switch off and get to sleep? Or a lark, often waking a little bit too early and unable to get back to sleep? Or perhaps you are the ‘sleeping beauty’ type who actually gets too much sleep and wake feeling groggy headed and lethargic?

Jo will share Ayurveda’s fascinating insights on how we are all different when it comes to our individual sleep needs. Hence the diet, herb and lifestyle advice is also different for each person. She’ll cover some of Pukka’s favourite traditional herbs to support restorative sleep, and guide you through a soothing Ayurvedic foot massage that has helped hundreds of her clients get better sleep.


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Date And Time

Wed, 20 October 2021 18:30 - 19:30


33 Broadwick St London W1F 0DQ