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Restore: The Colour Path to Wellbeing
Sep 15
Restore: The Colour Path to Wellbeing



Find your colour: A radical new approach to wholehearted living in full glorious colour, with shades and tones in-between.

What if we all had a colour, not just any colour but a personal colour? And knowing your colour is the difference between forcing yourself to be someone you're not or developing the richness that you already are.

Knowing your colour and importantly how to use it can add benefit to your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. When you know your colour, you understand how and why you act and relate to the world as you do. No longer is it about 'fitting in', it’s more about being you!

During this session, Mark will guide you to find your colour through storytelling. You’ll also discover the colours of those around you and how they fit with you on the colour spectrum.

When we follow The Colour Path to Wellbeing it is a win/win for everyone. For who doesn’t want to be truly seen and truly recognised for who they are?


Colour Specialist Mark Wentworth has been studying and working with the transformational power of colour for more than 30 years. He integrates the archetypal and visionary worlds of Carl Jung with the secret language of colour to guide and support people in becoming more fully themselves.

He is the author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life, as well as working internationally teaching about the power of colour.

Photo credit: Valsparpaintsuk2019.

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Date And Time

Tue, 15 September 2020 13:00 - 14:30


Online Event