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Rules, rights and responsibilities: who will keep us safe at work?
Jul 08
Rules, rights and responsibilities: who will keep us safe at work?



How can we ensure employees aren't forced to pick between their health, and their jobs?

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Since the UK lockdown began at the end of March, the difference between government recommendations and government rules hasn’t always been clear - nor has how new ‘recommendations’ or rules’ intersect with the rights and regulations already enshrined in law. This lack of clarity allows for unscrupulous behaviour to thrive unchecked. Business owners desperate to re-open after lockdown are already clashing with employees fearful to return, but fearful of losing their job if they don’t. Who is holding employers to account? What recourse do workers have if they feel they’re being forced to work unsafely? What’s the role of the HR and facilities teams, the unions, employment lawyers and even law enforcement?

With: Enrico Sanna, CEO of Fora; Sarah Albon, CEO of the Health and Safety Executive; Penny Robinson, GMB London Regional President.

Chair: James Harding, Editor and Co-founder, Tortoise

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Wed, 8 July 2020 18:30 - 19:30


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