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The B Corp Journey: Panel Discussion
Sep 16
The B Corp Journey: Panel Discussion



Embark on the B Corp journey: join us as we explore what a B Corp is and how you get to balance purpose and profit.

Terra{Fora} is a journey towards sustainability - not only a bold statement of our commitment to the environment, but also a joyful celebration of our power to effect change.


Fora is joined by expert panelists at different stages of their B Corp journey to cut through the jargon and discuss how businesses can achieve B Corp certification. B Corp certification recognises the best businesses in the world, doing the best for the world. B Corps are organisations who meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability and who balance profit and purpose.


B Corp describes itself as the ‘gold standard for good business’. Certified B Corps form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Certification proves that a business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance, as it balances purpose and profit. There are currently more than 3,000 B Corps across the world drawn from over 150 sectors.


  • Kate Chapman, Midori management consultant
  • Chris Forbes, Cheeky Panda
  • Luisa Alpendurada, Rude Health

ABOUT Kate Chapman

After an early career spent as a management consultant, fully immersed in the corporate world, Kate realised that this wasn’t what she wanted out of life and embarked on a mission to help businesses of all sectors and sizes to rethink their purpose and to act as a force for good. She has spent most of the last 20 years working as a sustainability consultant in one form or other – sometimes with greater focus on the environmental side of things (for LOCOG at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games for example) and sometimes with a greater focus on social impact (as a Programme Director for The Leadership Trust and for Common Purpose – two organisations dedicated to developing a more inclusive and compassionate form of leadership). Along the way she has worked with a very diverse range of people and organisations, has helped design, develop and lead programmes to address sustainability issues and has learnt a lot about what it takes to tread a more sustainable and ethical path in business.

She started working with B Lab UK when B Corp arrived in the UK at the end of 2015 and co-wrote the first B Leader training programme. She has helped nearly 50 companies to navigate and complete the B Impact Assessment with many of those going on to successfully become certified B Corps. When not doing B Corp work, she can be found helping major sports organisations like London Marathon Events and ATP (tennis) to develop and implement credible and impactful sustainability strategies.

ABOUT Chris Forbes

Co-founder of The Cheeky Panda along with his partner Julie Chen. Cheeky Panda is Ranked 6th in the UKs top 100 start-ups, A Sunday Times Fast Track Company and a B Corp. Chris is passionate about delivering change for good and has been a public speaker with regular features in press and radio helping share the journey and inspire others to become environmental entrepreneurs. Passionate about building sustainable 21st century companies that have purpose over profit but are still commercially viable entities.

ABOUT Luisa, Rude Health

Luisa is an International Account Manager at Rude Health and has been co-leading the B-Corp certification process for the past year. Rude Health is proudly part of the movement since June 2021, being a force for good one almond drink at a time.

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Thu, 16 September 2021 18:30 - 19:30


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