Introducing Fora Tailored Office

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Introducing Fora Tailored Office, a new service designed for a new way of working. By creating activity-based settings that reflect a team's unique needs and practices, we are shaking up the static office model and creating inspiring spaces that work for the people who use them.

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It’s a whole new work-game out there.

Getting people back to the office is one thing. What they do when they are there is quite another. Fora understands that the best workspaces are ones where teams feel they are getting the most out of their time spent there. Create an effective and characterful working environment and in turn you’ll get the best out of your people.

That’s why, since its launch in 2016, Fora has been addressing the changing nature of work through its flexible office solutions. Businesses take space within one of Fora’s many contemporary office buildings and benefit from state-of-the-art technology and boutique hospitality services, such as concierge, catering, showers and lounge areas.

But now there is Fora Tailored Office, a way to refine and augment this approach through designing space specifically for your team’s needs.

By tailoring the office to create an inspirational working environment, businesses not only attract great people and make them feel valued and fulfilled but also provide the setting for effective and creative activity-based work.

And the advantage of Tailored Office is that instead of having a desk-filled space that can accommodate, say, 50 people, in the same floor area you can now host 70, working in a more flexible, productive and enjoyable way.

It’s a particular approach to achieve a particular outcome.

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