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Giant Campus: an overview

Tell us about your company. What do you do?

We are Giant Campus, we provide digital marketing training to individuals and businesses. We started in response to Sleeping Giant Media never wanting to let a client lose out on the opportunity to make their business GIANT. They found that many smaller businesses wanted to control search and social themselves, or simply didn’t have the budget to work with a specialist agency. Rather than turning these clients away, they developed their in-house training programme to share with others.

Our courses cover all types of digital marketing; SEO, PPC, video marketing, social media and more, with many more courses to come in the future. We teach the theory, but we also teach you how to do it for yourselves with plenty to do in and out of the lesson.


What is the creative process that went into devising each course?

Each of our courses is built with certain factors in mind. The very first step in devising our courses is to speak to businesses and freelancers to identify their needs. We also look at recent government reports on digital skills gaps and then try to shape our courses to what we’ve identified needs to be covered. Once that part is over, we get to start work on the creative side of things. We use examples of real data from the Giant Campus accounts. We use the experts from Sleeping Giant Media who do this kind of stuff every day for real life clients, we call them Professors. They write, produce and deliver our courses, and with creativity and style at our core, they’re always super interesting and fun.


How have trends changed in terms of what companies want to know?

Originally, companies wanted to know a lot about social media. There was a boom in businesses using it, and a whole new range of ‘experts’ appeared who pumped out some dubious ‘best practices’ to increase social media engagement. Businesses quickly realised that a lot of effort was put into social media with not much in terms of a return. They had been mis-sold the direct power of social media, this, in turn, led to an interest in analytics to justify that effort.  Obvious trends in an increase in video marketing and mobile use have shifted our learners towards needing to know how they can make this stuff in-house to minimise marketing costs and to improve the content they distribute.


Tell us your thoughts on co-working.

Luke and Danny at Giant Campus met at Art College over 15 years ago. The art studio environment is a massive part of being an artist. You can’t be as creative in ‘normal’ office settings, you need to bounce ideas around, or bolt your idea to someone else’s idea to make an innovation greater than the sum of its parts. This is what we love about co-working, the support and guidance that is available.

Many people think that digital marketing is only worth it if you sell your products online or internationally, but the truth is, so many businesses fail to exploit search engine marketing – meaning those that do it are already ahead of their competition. With the surge in mobile and voice search, coupled with the GPS power of mobile technology, local SEO can have massive benefits in driving footfall in your actual shop. There are so many digital touch points. Our workshops show you how to appear at those touch points. We create space and environments for ideas to come together and mingle, to take new forms and produce new ideas. Everyone is empowered to identify challenges and encouraged to suggest solutions. We are solution focused rather than problem focussed.


What have been your greatest achievements?

Well, very recently we have become the official supplier of digital learning content for Google. We have been working on a project with them over the past seven months to create 30 new lessons for their Digital Garage online learning platform. This has been a huge undertaking but the day we got the gig was one of the greatest achievements (fist pumping moments) in the short life of Giant Campus. This content will reach over six million people across Europe, and we are very proud of this partnership.




Intro to SEO – “The course was a great induction into SEO. It’s given me some really useful insights and tools that I can take back and use in my work. Would recommend to anyone!”

Intro to SEO“A highly informative, hands-on course with real benefits to my day to day role.”

Intro to SEO“I was totally impressed by Giant Campus’s SEO training. As a local non-profit organisation, we have a small Comms Team, so exploring unchartered territory can be quite daunting when you have to ‘Do It Yourself’! This training goes beyond the jargon and confusing algorithms and translates it into valuable, tailored advice that makes sense. The professors and the entire team were brilliant from start to finish – when can I come back?”


Buy tickets for Intro to SEO digital marketing course: 10am, Tuesday 24 October 2017.