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posted on July 24, 2017

GLOBELLE fashion designer

An appeal to fellow Fora Residents

Name: Nelly Rose

Age: 23

Profession: Fashion Textile designer and Creative Director.

Qualifications: BA Hons, Fashion Textiles at London College of Fashion.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Visionary, colourful and ambitious.

Who are your style icons? Grace Jones, Bjork and Vivienne Westwood.

Name of business: GLOBELLE by Nelly Rose.

What has GLOBELLE produced so far? My last international collaboration was shown both in Jakarta and at London Fashion Week, as a textiles collaboration interpreting modest wear. GLOBELLE was born a year ago after seeing a global interest in uniting cultures in fashion, as opposed to exploiting them. My ambition is to create a successful design platform using ancient textile techniques. The business model will provide crafts in a contemporary setting that implements a sustainable method to support communities.

GLOBELLE’s style: Graphic print and bold designs.

Favourite fabric: The woven fabrics I’m working with in Guatemala.

What are your goals? In one year, I’d like to see what impact my current project in Guatemala has achieved. Also, I will be preparing to show for the third time at London Fashion Week via Fashion Scout, this time supporting a new collaborative project.

Tell us about the project? I’m currently in Guatemala, working with my collaborative design partner on a project called MEUS. We’re travelling around rural villages where we will work alongside three textile co-operatives to produce the textiles for our new womenswear collection.

Tell us a story about your adventure so far? I’m enjoying the many aspects here, from rich fruit markets, to the cultural alliance of traditional Mayan women going about their days in the city, adorned in beads and embroidery, to the creative industry events where I’ve been presenting the project. We’ve also been travelling to and from Antigua in order to present the project in the Conceptio gallery.

What do you hope to return home with in August? A complete collection of garments constructed by MEUS in collaboration with my textile designs, which have been developed to their full potential with the co-operatives. I will also have the documentary produced and completed, which I hope to screen for Residents at Fora.

What are you raising money for? We have a LIVE project on Kickstarter (ending Weds 2 August 2017). We’re trying to raise enough in pre-orders and pledges to successfully fund and commission all the textiles needed for the collection. We also want to broaden the London X Guatemalan project; Societas to its full potential, resulting in a feature documentary that tells the journey of the collection.

How can Fora Residents help? At this stage we just need to reach our Kickstarter goal! It would be amazing if anyone is interested in pledging either via a donation or pre-ordering a Fashion Week ticket, or a handwoven tote bag or a piece from the collection! Alternatively, any shares of the project are much needed, and I have a press pack available on request.

Tell us about your next Fashion Show. The GLOBELLE by Nelly Rose presentation will take place this September 15th-18th during London Fashion Week at the Freemasons Hall, supported by Fashion Scout.

Do you promote any ethical messages? Yes, I think it’s important as a designer to think about the message we are putting into the world. Most clothes labels only state the country they were made in and nothing about the production chain, or if it involves exploitation and sweatshop labour. The Fashion Revolution movement is something that I’ve been involved with for the last few years – they encourage you to ask #whomademyclothes. We aim to prove that, as young designers, we can create something with a conscience and transparency, and in doing so, unite cultures and break borders directly at the source of production.

Complete the sentence, fashion is… A global movement of expression and art and a universal language that we all share. It is one of the most powerful industries in the world and can be driven to create positive change and beautiful results.


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