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posted on June 19, 2017

Free HR Surgery for Residents

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Fora prides itself on supporting businesses and helping them to grow. In light of this – as part of the professional services that we recommend to our Residents, usually with discounted rates – we have collaborated with Gingko People.

The London-based HR Consultancy are offering 30-minute “HR Surgery” time slots on Thursday June 29th to all of our Residents.

See below or talk to the Concierge team for more information.


About Gingko People

Gingko People is a unique HR consultancy transforming the face of HR, or as they like to call it, creating a Human Revolution.

Their approach is underpinned by a robust legal framework with an emphasis on Employee Engagement. “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. By connecting the individual aspirations of your employees to your overall business objectives your organisation will become as successful as possible.”


How Gingko People can help

HR Audit

Ideal for clients who are looking to ‘uncover the unknown unknowns’. Clients can chose up to 20 different areas within HR that are relevant to their business for Gingko People to carry out an audit report that highlights risks the business may be exposed to. Clients can choose to action the report themselves, manage the risk or bring in the relevant expertise in order to deliver any changes.

Compliance Support

At Gingko People we know that the culture of a company is imperative in attracting the right talent. Our expertise ensures that any compliance documents you issue add value to the framework of your business and reflect your values as an organisation. Ideal for clients who have good knowledge of HR but do not have the legal expertise to create the right documentation.

Retainer Support

At Gingko People we love collaborating with our clients to achieve growth and innovation. This means supporting our clients develop the right toolkits, retain their best talent and create a positive working culture. Ideal for clients who have more than 5 staff and need the support of a HR specialist without the cost of taking on an extra head count.

Project Support

At Gingko People we understand that for our clients HR duties are often in addition to all of the other hats a business owner or manager might wear. However, getting things wrong, particularly in regards to Employment Law can be costly for a business. We can help. We can provide a clear scope, bring in the right expertise and give our clients the opportunity to manage a fixed cost  with clear deliverables agreed from the outset.


Fora have agreed complimentary rates of business for our Residents, which encompasses a 25% discount on all services delivered by Gingko People.


Fora Residents, please see the Concierge to make your initial – free – consultation appointment.