The New Standard

Fora is the workspace where Residents and their businesses achieve amazing things. The outbreak of COVID-19 has not changed that. Our mission to help you flourish, creatively and commercially, remains truer than ever.

Onwards. Together.

As we continue to evolve the way we work, we believe that maintaining a comprehensive safety strategy will enhance the environment of innovation and social interaction.


Health and safety

A comprehensive set of safety measures and protocols, designed in response to the pandemic, enabling our Residents to feel safe at work; the New Standard highlights how we adapted our workspaces to not only follow government guidance, but to also achieve the highest level of clinical quality, as instructed by our medical advisors: Cleveland Clinic London and Dr. Gozzelino MD, DTM&H.

Over the course of the pandemic, we introduced key measures such as social distancing, protective face coverings and hand washing stations in all of our workspaces. For additional comfort and consideration, we installed thermal imaging capabilities and state-of-the-art ventilation to increase airflow, as well as offering additional wellness and healthcare services to all of our Residents.

As the situation eases, we continue to address and redefine how to offer the best care and instil the most confidence in our Residents. For further information on how we continue to deliver safe workspaces, please send any comments or questions to