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  • January

Welcome to the Brilliant Bar

We are pleased to announce that starting from Monday, 12th June,  Fora Residents can enjoy responsive and proactive IT support, and infrastructure, cloud and procurement services, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, at Fora Central Street’s Brilliant Bar.

The Brilliant Bar is provided by Wavex, a premiere IT services provider offering a blend of industry leading IT services with unique, innovative technologies to provide excellence in every aspect of IT service delivery. Their friendly and highly qualified engineers avoid IT jargon and are accustomed with dealing with a wide range of simple or complex business IT issues.

Whether you are having a problem with your desktop or laptop computer, sourcing or setting up a new IT infrastructure, replacing an ageing network or expanding network capacity, Wavex can provide the design and delivery skills required to take you from initial design through to solution.

Fora Residents can also benefit from exclusive offers provided by Wavex in partnership with Fora. These include a free consultation to discuss your IT requirements, a free health check for your PC or Mac, free cyber security awareness briefing and a free intro to using Twitter.

In addition to the free services, Wavex can also provide general IT support (software installation, printer setup, ‘help, my computer is not working’) at £30 per 15 minutes, and PC or Mac setup at £350.

For more details, head along to the Brilliant Bar at Fora Central Street and talk to Filip Makos, who is situated at the top of the ramp, underneath the “Brilliant Bar” sign.

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