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Why the solution to corporate stress lies in great service

According to Forbes, there is a persistent and unspoken belief that entrepreneurs must work for 70-100 hours per week for their business to be successful. Team this with fitting everything in – and doing everything well – and getting the recommended 7-8 hours sleep each night (according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine), often feels virtually impossible.


The problem

Identifying and accepting this will help to alleviate stress; stating that it will eliminate it entirely is rather naïve.

Considering that half of UK start-ups fail within five years (Business Zone), it is clear we need to take extra measures to control our businesses, and work on reducing the everyday stresses we all face. Only then can we focus all our efforts on the really important tasks at hand.

Two reasons cited for why so many new businesses fail are poor management and organisation. New leaders can feel pressured to ‘do it all’, while encouraging productivity, delegating effectively and looking at the ‘bigger picture’ of the business at the same time. But, with a million things on their to-do list, it’s no surprise that sometimes many smaller, yet important, jobs get left behind.


The solution

For some new business owners, the solution tends to be letting their business take over their lives. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Bank of America, 57% of small business owners claimed they regularly gave up their free time, and 37% of those surveyed gave up exercise and other personal priorities to manage their business. This, of course, is not the most ideal solution. So, what is?

Budgeting time and allocating certain hours of the day to fulfil tasks on your to-do list is one way to help manage a busy workload and eliminate stress, if the schedule is followed, of course. After all, there will always be interruptions and opportunities to keep you from your schedule and ultimately interrupt your focus.


The Fora solution

Here at Fora, we believe in empowering our Residents through great, flexible service options. That’s why we have designed them and continue to manage them with productivity and hotel-like hospitality in mind.

We believe in going above and beyond for our residents, which is why we’ve included the latest tech in our spaces, including state of the art sound masking, superfast fibre Wi-Fi and even a virtual PA to make those everyday tasks easier.

After all, we know that great service means more than a person behind a desk. Our Concierge Teams are equipped with local knowledge, we possess a ‘Little Black Book’ of valuable contacts to meet your unique needs, from booking taxis to booking events.

Events and presentation spaces are also included in each of our spaces, with access to world class restaurants such as Palatino in our Clerkenwell space, which enables you to add a taste of Rome to your event. For added convenience, you may order food from our exclusive Residents app*, book meeting rooms and contact the concierge.

In short, we believe in enabling our Residents to simply focus on developing their business while we take care of everything else, in a slick environment where everything works.
Simple, convenient, connected – powering pro-working.

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