Our journey towards net zero carbon by 2030

In a world facing climate crisis, Fora believes that net zero carbon by 2030 is not merely possible, but imperative. Modest changes grow meaningful results; local action has universal effects. Fora’s environmental commitment is science-based and human-centred. Considered responses focused on power, transportation and waste create long-term positive outcomes for the planet.

Bold, brave and optimistic: Fora’s plan is ambitious and determined yet strives always for continual improvement. The road to 2030 starts with small steps but shares in a global purpose.


Fora Impact Report 2020-21

Our decisions, as a business and as individuals, will influence the future of our planet and society. We vow to be ambitious in our goals, transparent in our progress, and honest about the challenges of our journey. With this in mind, we are pleased to share our 2020-21 Impact Report.

Why take climate action?

Building a low-carbon society and economy is a challenge – and an opportunity. When individuals and businesses make pro-climate decisions, these can have a tangible impact on our world.
    • Preserving vital ecosystems and species: Rising sea levels threaten coastal reefs and wetlands, which protect communities from storm surges and water impurities. Plus, animal and plant species provide us with important medicines and other products.


    • Clean air: In London alone, 9,400 premature deaths are attributed to poor air quality and a cost of between £1.4 and £3.7 billion a year to the health service. Lower temperatures and improving low-carbon solutions will help prevent many respiratory illnesses and overall health.


    • Clean water: By mid-century, weather changes owing to climate change will mean less available water. Cooler temperatures and less water used for cooling fossil fuel power stations means more clean water for all.


    • Economic growth: Climate innovations and renewable energy are providing three times the number of jobs as those dependent on fossil fuels. Also, the less we import fossil fuels, the less dependent we are on imports.


  • Lowered costs: The price of climate impacts have been mounting on businesses and governments. Energy savings help low-income households as they will bear a disproportionate burden of climate change.

Our beginnings

We have a plan to change things in our business. To bring this plan to life, we will be energising our people, working with our suppliers, and listening to our Residents.
    • Transportation: We offer cycling facilities, discounted cycle hire with Brompton Bike, repairs, yoga for cyclists, and many public transport and walking resources.


    • Waste: Fora recycles everything, from food to batteries. We have reduced our single-use plastics and support the circular economy by purchasing paper from a waste provider.


    • Buildings: We’ve automated and optimised our building management systems, and our buildings use 100% renewable energy.


    • Our business: We are proud to achieve the Planet Mark Certification which means we are not only reducing our carbon footprint every year, but also driving continuous positive change through our actions, people and reach.


  • Forests: We are working with Trees for Cities to plant thousands of urban trees a year. We have also protected an acre of rainforest in Peru though the charity Cool Earth.

Our path to 2030

With real estate responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, Fora knows that we have an important role to play. That’s why we’re proud to commit to becoming Net Zero by 2030.

How can we achieve net zero?

Net zero is when the amount of carbon emissions we add is no more than the amount taken away. Fora’s net zero plan will cover new and existing buildings, operational carbon and embodied carbon, and the impact of energy consumed by the buildings’ occupants. Residual carbon will be offset using a Gold Standard programme.

Our current 2019 carbon footprint


Purchased Electricity




Combustion (Gas)


Electricity Upstream


Travel (Air)






Office Paper


Travel (Land)



Fora has already begun to measure its carbon footprint. We invite you to share your boldest ideas and curious questions as we journey towards net zero.


Open and transparent

Whether we’re sharing our successes or challenges on our net zero journey, Fora is committed to a policy of openness and honesty with our Residents and investors.

In the interest of maximising openness, Fora commits to the following:

  • Updates every six months about our science-based targets.
  • An annual report that shows how our Net Zero Carbon commitment relates to our wider sustainability programme.
  • A meaningful story of our sustainability initiatives and their impacts via social media.
  • Monthly workshops and seminars that build skills and knowledge and leverage our influence to inspire people and businesses.

Experiencing change equally

The fight against climate change must centre issues of fairness and justice. We will educate ourselves on climate justice, build awareness, and collaborate to scale our impact.

The effects of climate change are not felt equally.
Indigenous communities that have had no or little part in creating the climate crisis are being impacted first and worst.

Women, too, are more likely to be negatively impacted: UN figures indicate that 80% of people displaced by climate change are women. For example, roles as primary caregivers and providers make women more vulnerable when flooding and drought occur.

Low-income communities will bear a disproportionate share of the impact because they are more likely to lack health insurance or comprehensive building insurance. In urban areas they are disproportionately exposed to pollution, increasing the incidence of respiratory diseases.

Because of inequalities, many people of colour in every country are most affected by climate impacts.
The climate crisis is also a spark for social unrest that can lead to social inequalities, financial collapse, climate refugees, and war.


Future sustainability

The planet and its people are not separate. Fora’s human-centred commitment to the environment reflects our broader, holistic approach to Resident wellbeing.

Fora’s focus on wellbeing encompasses multiple aspects, including air quality, access to nature and healthy local food. Our journey to net zero is complimentary and central to this existing focus.
We have used the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create sustainability targets for our business and will be launching our plans soon.

Terra {Fora}
Our Terra {Fora} event series is a journey towards sustainability – not only a bold statement of our commitment to the environment, but also a joyful celebration of our power to effect change. We will bring sustainability experts and Residents together to discuss ideas, tools, and resources that enable climate action in our businesses and lives.