The importance of prioritising your wellbeing during lockdown

May 2020

Sophie Scott, founder and editor of BALANCE, the lifestyle brand dedicated to making mental and physical wellness accessible to all, was joined by a virtual audience of Fora Residents last week.

Sophie’s message was clear: This enforced pause is also an opportunity for each of us to discover a greater sense of meaning. While acknowledging the tragedies and challenges that COVID-19 has brought, Sophie observed “everyone’s experience is totally unique and some will have had more opportunity to reflect and prioritise their wellness, but even in the most difficult, darkest hour there can be transformation and learning.”


For many of us, COVID-19 had temporarily taken a lot off our plates. Even if we’re busy multitasking, working from home or home-schooling children, Sophie highlighted that the current situation had stripped things back. Routines that might be disrupted in our normal, daily rush can now be established and reinforced more easily. Sophie challenged her audience to look to the future and ask themselves a simple but vital question:

“What might you choose to reintroduce and rebuild and what might you choose to leave behind?”


We can all learn more about ourselves at this time. In the interactive session, everyone was encouraged to reflect and explore their own sense of wellness by asking, what has this experience shown you:

  • – About the quality of your connections?
  • – About the things you prioritised pre-COVID?
  • – About when you feel most alive and engaged during your day?
  • – About what you don’t miss?

Everyone shared their personal discoveries, from the fact that they did not miss their commute, through to a heightened realisation that gratitude is the key to happiness and that it’s the quality and not the quantity of connections that matter to them.

Sophie advised people to write down their personal learnings. “At some point in time things will change, but how fantastic if this whole experience hasn’t been in vain”, she said. Our progress in life is the result of our thinking and the hierarchy of our values. “What do our learnings say about our values?” asked Sophie. She went on to clarify that our values are made up of where we spend our time and what we spend our money on and explained that the current moment of pause is an opportunity for people to reconsider if their behaviour and lifestyle matched their values.

Our values are not as fixed as we might think. They are constantly evolving and our values hierarchy changes as we embrace new goals and refocus on what is important for our individual wellbeing. As a final exercise for the group, Sophie had the group use the power of imagination, to meditate, encouraging them to imagine what they wanted their future to look like. “Don’t rush back into old structures,” advised Sophie. 


By reflecting on what we’re learning during the current crisis, revisiting our values, visualising our future lives and reinforcing what we can imagine for our future, we can use this time to prioritise our mental and physical wellness. Consider also who you can reach out to, what dream team you can assemble to help make the imagined lifestyle a reality. As Sophie reminded all at the event,

“you always have the power to change the things that matter to you.”


Fora is currently programming a diverse schedule of virtual events. You can find the full roster, including more wellness and positivity workshops like this one, on our What’s On page.