The wellness tech that should be on your radar

April 2020

Wellness is a core focus at Fora – so naturally we stay on top of the trends surrounding this burgeoning  concept. We’ve noticed they’re becoming increasingly technological; from oxygen chairs to meditation pods, mind and body are so important, and technology can help to unlock our very best selves. So let’s dive into the world of wellness and see how the new trends and tech developments can help us stay happier and more productive, especially over the coming weeks.


Dyson’s latest air purifier is perfect for any workspace, beit home or office. The latest range offers an almost clinical standard of air quality that captures allergens, pollutants and gases wherever you need it. Purified air means better all-round wellbeing – trust us, you’ll notice the difference. They are available in a number of different sizes and configurations, to help suit any environment.


Image credit: Dyson


Perfect for meditation, to cancel out ambient noise or just to increase your focus. Nuraphone is about to launch a lighter version of their personalised sound headphones called Nuraloop. Packed with clever technology, the new earphones learn and adapt to your hearing and are designed for ultimate comfort.

Image credit: Nuraphone


Personalised food delivery services are booming. When you have experts to help guide your choices, you can improve your nutrition and even reduce your blood sugar levels, giving you improved focus. Hannah Norris, Nutritionist for one such service (Fresh Fitness Foods) also recommends making simple changes to the proximity of food while you work; “Reduce unlimited snacks, put unhealthy snacks in cupboards… and put a fruit bowl near your desk”. With Fresh Fitness Foods, deliciously healthy deliveries can be made at a time that suits you best.

Image credit: Fresh Fitness Foods


Working remotely can be a strange and sometimes lonely experience. A way to minimise some of the pressures is by having the right kit, making face-to-face communication as straightforward as possible. Logitech has just released its new StreamCam (£139/, which features sharp and smooth 1080p/60 fps video – perfect for any video conference or streaming demo. Lightweight, simple to use and great for calls.

Image credit: Logitech


Red light therapy – part of the photobiomodulation movement, is gaining popularity for its healing properties. From bulbs and floor lamps to entire room set-ups, red light therapy has been shown to improve circadian rhythm, help wounds heal faster, improve joint movement, reduce wrinkles and even lessen the effects of chemotherapy. Install the right intensity for you and track the benefits over time.

Image credit: Vocal Media


Nootropics are natural supplements that improve cognitive function, and they’re gaining huge popularity. Men’s Health recently recognised Motion Nutrition’s ‘Power Up’ as their ‘best nootropic’ for its ability to aid with mental acuity and motivation. When you need to shut off, their ‘Unplug’ variety is focused towards helping you achieve a deeper sleep, which we could all do with!

Image credit: Motion Nutrition


Of course, you can further boost mental wellbeing by using the best tools and software that allow for smoother workflows and collaboration. Check out our article all about the online tools we use to maintain ultimate productivity while working from home.