Everything you need to know about design sprints

January 2020

Do you think you’re living up to your creative potential? Apparently, 75% of people don’t believe they are. A design sprint is an effective way to unlock this skill and create something brilliant (and reliable) in just five days.

Developed with Google Ventures, a design sprint is a way of coming up with a new campaign, product or service in just five days. Here’s how they work:

1. Pick the problem day – lay out the pain points and decide on key focus areas.
2. Ideas day – have an open discussion about potential resolutions (everyone should think outside the box here. It’s important to push the boundaries).
3. Deciding day – pick the best solution and work out how you’re going to approach it.
4. Tackling day – create an example of how it might look, read, feel etc.
5. Testing day – try it out and find out what people think.


So why are design sprints so effective?


They’re massive time savers

According to IBM, design research can take up 75% of creative and delivery time. With a creative sprint, all the thinking happens in just five days, leaving you plenty of time (and often money) to refine your project further down the line.


They keep you focused

The average Briton’s attention span lasts just 14 minutes, and a design sprint helps to combat this by really engaging you in the project and taking you out of your usual day (and habits).


They allow you to be creative

Despite innovation being at the centre of successful businesses, it’s been reported that 80% of people feel the pressure to be productive rather than creative at work. A design sprint sets the time aside for you and your team to use your imaginations.


Tips for design sprints

• People – get creative minds, marketing experts and decision makers in the room so you know you’re on to a good thing that you’ll realistically be able to action.

• Book a space for the full week – As a minimum it should have a screen, a whiteboard and a big table. Ideally, you’ll also have drinks and snacks on hand too! Fora can help you out with this part – get in touch with our team to enquire about meeting space.

• Have a no-phone policy – that way, no-one’s tempted to check their emails. Everything else can wait a few days while your attention is on the project.

• Stock up on stationery – you’ll need lots of post-it notes and (working) pens.

• Get the coffee in – all good creative minds need a break and a refuel, and you’ll get this included when you book your sprint space with Fora.

• Try out the Design Sprint Kit – it’s full of tools, briefs and templates to give your sprint some structure.



Feeling inspired?

Maybe we’re biased but we think Fora workspaces are ideal for this kind of intense and productive collaboration. Your coffee will arrive at the push of a button and we have plenty of workspace locations to choose from, so you can pick the meeting space that works best for your team. Take the first step in planning your session by coming to see where it could take place.