Aromatherapy Workshop with 20A .

Aromatherapy Workshop with 20A .

Aromatherapy for Creativity - Bespoke Ambience Mist Making with 20A

Aromatherapy Workshop with 20A -Aromatherapy for Creativity - Bespoke Ambience Mist Making with 20A

Learn how to create a personalised ambience mist to create, energise and inspire with aromatherapist, Abi. Discover the best essential oils to support cognitive function, creativity and confidence. In this workshop, you will blend a bespoke ambience mist that you can use at work, at home and on the go.

About 20A

How it all began

The first 20A workshop was held around a table in the basement of an antique shop in Notting Hill. From there, word of mouth has allowed 20A to blossom into what it is today and continues to shape how the brand evolves.

20A strives to educate and inspire individuals through the medium of aromatherapy; to foster a sense of curiosity and creativity, and to show people how pleasurable it can be to integrate ingredients from mother nature into everyday life, and all the benefits it can bring to the skin, body, mind + soul.

Through interactive workshops, whether in person or online, we’ll gather together to engage our senses and dive into the alchemy of scent and the world of natural botanicals.

In addition to facilitating and curating immersive experiences for individuals, groups and businesses, 20A offers bespoke product creation, consultation + holistic facial treatments.

About Abi

Founder of 20A

A holistic approach to health was kindled in me from a young age; essential oils and herbal remedies were favoured in our medicine cabinet. Along with acupuncture, aromatherapy became the antidote to end the painful ear problems I suffered from for many years throughout my childhood and early teens.

I am a qualified aromatherapist and facialist, with cosmetic acupuncture next on the horizon. Holding space for others to enjoy aromatherapy has become the greatest source of enjoyment for me. I like to weave ancient principles, practices and rituals together in my offerings and I never fail to find inspiration and invigoration from nature.

I believe it has never been more important to connect with nature and create a personal toolkit of self-healing techniques and sensory nourishment that we can turn to when we feel stressed or out of balance.

I’ve delivered aromatherapy experiences + services for a wide range of global clients including Ace Hotel, Allpress, Aqua Oleum, Barbican, The Court, D&AD, Ferly, Hackney Herbal, Healthy Hospo, Heaps & Stacks, The Hoxton, The IVF Network, Kamwell, Kew Gardens, Mason & Fifth, The Ministry, The Ned, Pebble, Pentatonic, Primark, Riposte, Rixo, Soho House & Co, Stella McCartney, Skipper & Skipper, Toast & Unilever.

As well as aromatherapy workshops, I’m available for editorial and content commissions & speaker opportunities. I’m always interested in hearing ideas for a magical co-creation or collaboration.

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Aromatherapy Workshop with 20A .
Aromatherapy Workshop with 20A .
Date and Time:

Wednesday, 15th June 2022

17:00 - 18:30