Assisted Stretching with StretchLAB

Assisted Stretching with StretchLAB

Assisted Stretching with StretchLAB


Have the experts at StretchLAB take you through a series of stretches and massage gun leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Stretching for 20 minutes is a big ask for anyone. Visiting StretchLAB makes the process enjoyable, but more importantly safe and effective. Our expert Stretchologists will take you through various stretches while doing all the hard work for you – building your flexibility and range of motion leaving you loose and relaxed.


StretchLAB has been created to deliver relief and recovery to exercise junkies, office workers, and everyone in between.

Our mission is to bring 1 on 1 assisted stretching to the mainstream through a collection of neighbourhood wellness studios across the UK where our trained Stretchologists work with clients towards flexibility and mobility goals. StretchLAB aims to make stretching a regular part of self-care routines in the UK through an accessible price point, convenient locations and unrivaled client experience.


All of our Stretchologists have bodywork experience and are certified in our proprietary stretch method. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including personal training, massage therapy, yoga instruction and professional dance. They are then complete our in house-training with our Director of Education and Head Stretchologist before undergoing many hands-on practice hours.

Where does my session take place?

Please check with the concierge team to find the location of your session.

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Assisted Stretching with StretchLAB
Assisted Stretching with StretchLAB
Date and Time:

Wednesday, 6th July 2022

09:30 - 14:30