Natural movement workshop with Vivobarefoot

Natural movement workshop with Vivobarefoot

Natural movement workshop with Vivibarefoot

Natural movement workshop.

Ready to revolutionise your natural movement and foot health? We have invited foot experts and barefoot footwear band Vivobarefoot to talk through the importance of feet, footwear and how they impact how we stand, walk and run.

Viovbarefoot’s education team, VIVOHEALTH, will help you understand the theory behind feet and natural movement, how to improve your technique and performance and how to assess and manage your progress in everyday life in this 1.5 talk.

This talk is ideal for movement enthusiasts, people curious about natural health, anybody struggling with their feet and/or those looking to increase performance. If you’re interested, then you’re welcome, no matter your fitness or barefoot experience.

VIVOHEALTH Head Coach, Ben will lead every workshop, drawing on years of experience guiding natural movement. As well as general strategies and exercises, they will also give you personalised assessment and advice.

The talk will include:

• The theory behind foot health and movement.

• What do healthy feet look like and the benefits of working towards this

• Exercises to improve foot strength and squatting, standing, walking and running performance.

• Knowledge about how to assess your feet and progress your movement in everyday life and work.

• As well details on how to book 1:1 foot assessment and running coaching with the VIVOHEALTH team.

For those interested in trying some of their online foot health and movement courses visit:

Meet the coach:

Meet Ben, Vivobarefoot’s Head Barefoot Movement Coach. As a personal trainer who specialises in skilful movement, Ben brings over a decade’s experience training and working alongside health professionals to help thousands of people reconnect with their feet and embrace natural movement.

Ben has spent his career analysing efficient running technique, evaluating balance and posture, improving functional foot health and delivering highly personalised training plans. He is a leading expert in the practical application of barefoot science.

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Natural movement workshop with Vivobarefoot
Natural movement workshop with Vivobarefoot
Date and Time:

Wednesday, 19th October 2022

17:00 - 18:00