Net Zero 2030

We believe that achieving net zero carbon by 2030 is not merely possible, but imperative; holding ourselves accountable for the actions we take, delivering on our commitments, and striving to improve, together.

Ambitious and transparent

Whether we’re sharing the successes or challenges of our journey, Fora is committed to a policy of openness and honesty with our community, Residents, and stakeholders.

Setting the scene

Setting the scene

It’s well known that the real estate industry must play an important role in addressing the climate crisis. At Fora, our aim is to:

  • Reduce environmental impact through considered choices during design and operation that minimise carbon and the use of natural resources.
  • Deliver healthy workspaces that nurture the holistic wellbeing of our Residents, considering air quality and biophilic design alongside the provision of spaces and events that promote wellness.

Local action with global effects

We have a plan to change things, starting within our business, with a series of considered responses to this ongoing, global phenomenon - focussing on power, transportation, and waste - we aim to create long-term positive outcomes for the planet.


Each Fora building is equipped with ample cycling facilities; secure cycle store, cleaning and maintenance stations and showers and changing areas, ensuring our active commuters are able to start their day in style. We also regularly partner with cycling specialists to host bike repair workshops within our spaces.


Our “zero waste to landfill” plan ensures we reduce and reuse as much as possible. So far, we have achieved an average 68% recycling rate across all of our buildings - a percentage we strive to continuously improve, conducting regular waste audits, setting ambitious targets for the future.


We work hard to automate and optimise our building management systems; adopting technology that performs a digital energy audit of our buildings every 15 minutes, enabling us to highlight exactly where we can be more energy efficient.

Renewable energy

We use 100% renewable, REGO certified electricity across all our buildings, and ensure we are always utilising on-site energy generation where possible.