Net Zero 2030

We believe that achieving net zero carbon by 2030 is not merely possible, but imperative; holding ourselves accountable for the actions we take, delivering on our commitments, and striving to improve, together.

Ambitious and transparent

Whether we’re sharing the successes or challenges of our journey, Fora is committed to a policy of openness and honesty with our community, Residents, and stakeholders.


Our path to 2030

With real estate responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, we’re aware of the important role we have to play to reduce our own footprint. Fora’s Net Zero plan currently covers our existing buildings across scope 1 and 2, with some additional scope 3 boundaries as well.

Highlighting operational energy use of our buildings and the collective impact of energy consumed by our building occupants, we have a number of emission reduction measures including:

  • Conducting ASHRAE level II energy audits to identify short and long-term improvements.
  • Implementing AI and sensor technology to optimise system performance.
  • Analysis of scope 3 boundaries in operational sites, looking to reduce emissions in waste and paper usage.
  • Engaging with Residents and teams to educate and stimulate behaviour change.

Local action with universal effects

We have a plan to change things, starting within our business, with a series of considered responses to this ongoing, global phenomenon - focussing on power, transportation, and waste - we aim to create long-term positive outcomes for the planet.


As well as ample cycling facilities in all of our buildings, our partnership with Brompton Bikes entitles each of our Residents to discounted cycle hire and bike repairs.


Our “zero waste to landfill” plan ensures we reduce and reuse as much as possible - such as keeping our use of single-use plastics to an absolute minimum. Recycling everything from food to batteries, we have so far achieved an average 60% recycling rate across all of our buildings. A percentage we strive to continuously improve, conducting regular waste audits, setting ambitious targets for the future.


We work hard to automate and optimise our building management systems. By adopting technology that performs a digital energy audit of our buildings every 15 minutes we are able to highlight exactly where we can be more energy efficient. We are proud to use 100% renewable energy and certified carbon neutral gas at all our houses, utilising on-site energy generation where possible.

Active greening

We work with Trees for Cities to plant thousands of urban trees a year. And, through our certification with Planet Mark, we have collaborated with Cool Earth to ensure the continued protection of an acre of rainforest in Peru.

Our social value

Not just focused on our carbon impact, we also measure the social value we generate each year.

This value covers both the impact we have on our own teams, Residents, and supply chains, and the impact we have on the wider, local community; assessing our internal governance as well as our charitable efforts carried out as an organisation.



Our terra{fora} event series offers a platform for Residents and sustainability experts to discuss ideas, tools, and resources that enable climate action; not only a bold statement of our commitment to the environment, but also a joyful celebration of our power to effect change.

Under the terra{fora} umbrella, we partner with brilliant London-based companies to host initiatives we believe in. Such as our recent Big Clothes Switch event series, hosted in collaboration with Stories Behind Things.