Where we came from

Fora was founded in 2016 by Katrina Larkin and Enrico Sanna; a product of their shared vision to create a workspace that truly embraces and elevates modern working life. With their experience in the hospitality and leisure industries, our co-founders believed the workplace was long overdue a revolution. Fora’s premium, hospitality-focused offering was first brought to life in our Old Street location and since then has gone from strength to strength, expanding to eleven workspaces and counting in central London and Reading.

Enrico Sanna

Co-Founder and CEO

With experience in hospitality and financial services, Enrico recently worked as MD and Head of Operating Assets at Deutsche Bank: “Working on the bank’s hospitality portfolio, I learned the value of great service. However, my perception was that the office, where we spend most of our time, was stuck in the last century”.

Katrina Larkin

Co-Founder and Head of Experience

Katrina founded The Big Chill Festival and worked on Camden Lock Market as Commercial Operations Director: “Throughout my career I have sought to elevate leisure time, and work time was crying out for the same innovation. The Fora approach is everything from physical design, to the curation of experiences”.

Our backers

Fora is supported by significant investment from established real estate fund, Brockton Capital. This backing has helped us grow and secure our leading position in the flex office market, cementing us as the premium player in London and Reading.

Our future

The flex office industry is booming, and growth shows no signs of slowing as our expectations of ‘work’ and ‘the workplace’ continue to progress and evolve. We are the principal premium flex workspace in the London market, and we’re building a sustainable brand for the long-term.


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