Tailored Office

Are you particular? Do you work in a particular way? We believe that if every business is different, then every office should be too. Introducing a creative and collaborative new service. Fora Tailored Office gives you the opportunity to design a workspace tailored to the needs of you and your team, no matter your size.

How it works

Tailored Office comes as an addition to a standard Fora workspace, up to 50% of your total space, or less, depending on your company’s need for dynamic work settings.

Take a fresh look

We listen and learn about your business to place your professional needs at the heart of your new workplace design.

Design variety

We plan a system of settings that creates areas suited to different tasks, such as focus, presentation, conversation and collaboration.

Tailored to you

You choose from a wide range of different furnishings and technology, to build the working environment your team will love.


In switching to a tailored design, you will not only create a more dynamic workspace, you will also increase the number of people you can accommodate on any given floor.

Here you see two floorplans, depicting a Tailored Office transformation set within our Soho, Broadwick Street location. The left shows the standard Fora offering; multiple desks, housing approximately 60 people. On the right, implementation of Tailored Office has created new areas dedicated to specific working activities, in an arrangement set to serve a team of 80.


Accommodates 60 team members

Traditional desk space


Accommodates 80 team members

Fora Tailored Office with activity-based settings

Modular Design

Choose from a range of different settings, designed in a modular way to be integrated with standard Fora desks, and crucially, with each other.


Sometimes the best way to discuss ideas in a small group is in a thoroughly relaxed setting. Sofas and soft furnishings also lend themselves to less formal meetings with clients over a coffee.


For the most discrete and quiet tasks we have the Box; an office within the office, for private calls, conversations and video conferencing.


Many teams like to be able to sit and work at their desks, whilst also being able to explore ideas together in a more dynamic way. This set-up sits people together so answers are within easy reach.


If you prefer to develop concepts in a group and work towards goals as a team, a setting with large sit/stand desktops and a space prepared with visual aids is the ideal solution.


t’s not always about conversation. Sometimes you need to get your head down, concentrating on the task at hand in a space designed to minimise distraction.


For the age old art of finding solutions through discussion; a space with a designated meeting table - able be scaled up and down to host as many participants as you need.


Sharing projects, explaining strategy, revealing plans. These are crucial tasks for many businesses, so why not have a dedicated space where you can host your own ‘town hall’ presentation?

Case Study: Unmind

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform. They experienced significant growth and wanted to adapt their workspace to activity-based working and make it more appealing to its employees. The Fora Tailored Office solution created a perfect fit.


The demand for mental health support services has increased significantly over the past year and so Unmind, which specialises in promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace, has seen rapid growth. During lockdown, it managed to have its teams work successfully from home, but now it needed to bring them back to the office. It was particularly evident that the business was missing the ideas and energy that come from in-person interaction.

“For us, it is really important that the office is somewhere that people want to be, not somewhere that people have to be,”

- Sarah Magerston, Senior Operations Lead, Unmind