5 Gadgets You Need To Make Your Life Instantly Better & Easier, by Paul Armstrong


Even with amazing surroundings and facilities, work can be hard and stressful. The following gadgets and services have been picked for their ability to; significantly improve your flow, increase energy and generally feel more comfortable whether on the go or in the office.

‘Nutribullet Balance’ by Nutribullet

From powering your gadgets to powering yourself. Nutribullet’s new unit is your one-stop-shop for portable nutrition thanks to the scale and app that Nutribullet has added to the super-charged blender. No more 2000 calorie smoothies, this brute of a device is not just fun to use but accurate and comes with a stack of accessories. The ability to follow or create your own recipes and track what you eat is simple, empowering and enables you to see patterns to help you improve your health even further.

IMPROVED: Nutrition, focus, mood.

$179.94 /

‘Bodyclock Glow 150’ by Lumie

As the darker days draw in it is essential to get quality sleep. Lumie specialises in alarm clocks that simulate sunrise and sundown that help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. While there are several new units available the Glow 150 is our pick because of the new sleep/wake sounds and compact design that mimics sunset and sunrise. A must-have for all productivity and energy level hackers.

IMPROVED: Sleep, mood, energy levels, alertness, health, weight.

£90 /

Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20k’ by Cygnett

Recently winning the CES Innovation award for its design and functionality, Cygnett is going from strength to strength for their batteries, cables and wireless charging products. The Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20k  (20,000mAh capacity) features a 63W total output, and a 45W USB-C port, meaning it will charge the latest laptops (one full charge), tablets (2 times) and phones (8 times). Qualcomm (QC 3.0) technology means 75% faster charging than a standard 5W USB output so if you need a quick top up; this puppy has you covered. Available in black and teal, the ChargeUp Pro 20k is light too – only 450 grams.

IMPROVED: FOROOB (Fear of running out of battery), productivity, networking (offer power to those in need now you have enough!)

£119.95 /

Nuraphone/G2 by Nuraphone

These headphones are unlike any others you’ve probably ever tried. Partly in looks but also because of the unique technology inside them that train themselves to your hearing. Not cheap but when you want noise-cancelling to get focused, reach for Nuraphone. Listen to Biocratic if you are looking for a good dose of jazzy funk that will help you concentrate.

IMPROVED: Focus, relaxation.

£349 /


Google Home by Google

From making calls to checking your schedule, Google Home isn’t just a nice to have; it can be liberating for those who are slaves to their mobiles. From setting timers to checking facts, the mighty little unit blends into the background until you need it. For when you want to relax, have Google read you an audiobook or listen to that podcast you’ve been putting off.

IMPROVED: Productivity, relaxation, efficiency

£99 /

Honourable Mentions: Apple Watch (Series 3); the bastion of notifications and nudges to help you be a little bit better every day. Now with email and voice calls. Live out your spy fantasies because the future is here. (£ / /// Blinkist; is the platform that help you read books without reading the whole book. While some may lament this practice, the service Blinkist provides is perfect for those with short attention spans and limited time. ($79.99 annually/ /// “>Chipolo Classic Bundle; Losing things is stressful, misplacing them can cost time and money. Avoid these things with a bundle of trackers from Chipolo to keep your important things safe. The devices don’t get in the way thanks to the thin design and the loud chirps if things stray too far (and the dedicated app) mean you’ll never lose anything again. (£64 (four pack) / By Paul Armstrong Illustrations by Araki Koman