5 Things To Think About Before Searching For Your Next Office

February 2019

The working world is in a state of flux. In amongst the four-day working week debate and the freelancing boom, businesses of all sizes need access to a space that works for them. A productive space to get things done. To set goals. To regroup. To build something you’re proud of.

  With today’s rapid pace of change, it’s about taking the hassle out and setting the foundation for inspiration. That’s where Fora comes in. But what are the core things you should be considering when looking to secure your next office or coworking space?  

1) Location, location, location.

London presents a trove of opportunity, but as we all know, getting from East to West, and North to South isn’t always easy. That’s why picking a location for your coworking office is a big job. Will it be accessible for all? Are there good transport links running in all directions? Will your staff feel safe if they’re staying late? All questions that deserve attention. Our locations are hand selected with accessibility at the forefront, because your commute shouldn’t be using up precious brainpower. Pick between our hotspots in Spitalfields, Soho, Fitzrovia, Clerkenwell and Borough. Further West, our Reading space is the perfect hub for Thames Valley businesses, situated right across the plaza from Reading station. Each Fora building has its own unique qualities and borrows elements from its surroundings. Here’s an opportunity to get inspired in a space that oozes personality and pushes you to get the most out of each other. Explore our workspaces here.  

2) Lifestyle. Being fit, healthy and mindful of what we put into our bodies has surpassed trend status and is now a way of life. Now it’s time to bring this ethos to the day job.

It’s about getting the right nutrients into your body, getting the right physical and mental exercise, and supplementing it all with good quality sleep. Finding the time to exercise both body and mind isn’t easy, but each of our coworking spaces plays host to an impressive calendar of workshops, classes and events to get your creative and athletic energies flowing. Whether it’s yoga, pasta making or a glimpse into the future of AI, there’s plenty of ways to engage your brain here.  

3) Tomorrow. Be conscious of the future and always be a step ahead of business scaling.

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, an office move is a big deal, so ensuring there’s scope to scale up (and down) eases the stress later down the line. If you outgrow your space, Fora celebrates that growth. There are always opportunities to expand your office or relocate to a different space, whichever works for you. The Fora team will always be on hand to help you get the most from your space, and we’ll help you plan for impending business changes.  

4) Facilities. What can your space offer you?

Every Fora is designed with your productivity in mind. If you need meeting space, quiet time, specific technology or just flexible service, your needs are at the core of what we do here. Each of our buildings has a dedicated concierge team at your disposal, zones for meetings, snacks and hot drinks provided, a full events calendar to enjoy and plenty of opportunities to network. We’ve got it all covered so you can focus on doing business.  

5) The added extras. You’ve got more things on your plate to worry about than bills and extras, and with Fora you don’t have to.

There are no hidden surprises lurking around the corner, and you truly get what you pay for with our premium coworking space. We’re not trying to trip you up, we’re just keen to give you the time to sculpt your business and achieve personal and professional goals. That’s why we bill to include meeting room access, internet, furniture, housekeeping, printing, gas & electricity and insurance. You’ll find fresh towels and luxury toiletries in our bathrooms and you’re always welcome to grab a book or magazine from our shelves.   Reclaim your time and find a space that works for you with our help. It’s as simple as that. We’ve even developed an app to make managing and using your space that much easier – whether it’s booking meetings, contacting your site concierge or scheduling wellness classes, you can do it all with ease wherever you are. Freeing your creative energies and efforts for the job in hand, while giving you your downtime to do just that. We don’t call it proworking for nothing. Come and explore some of our spaces and find one that works for you. Contact us at [email protected] or book a tour using the tab at the side to get that step closer to brilliance.