CDW18: Royal Wedding Cakes at Fora


Fora Central Street played host to a very regal exhibition of would-be royal wedding cakes this week, in light of the upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week and one particularly highly anticipated wedding this weekend.

Some of London’s leading creatives – partnered with top bakers – were commissioned to create sculptural confections fit for Harry and Meghan’s Saturday celebrations.

Kia Utzon-Frank founded KUFstudios, a multidisciplinary design brand comprising of 6 versatile projects. Within her practise, KUFcakes are bespoke luxury cakes made using a marzipan printer to build unusual forms that trigger conversation. Kia has created her own special suspended Royal Wedding Cake, made of 24 chocolate spheres hanging in a ring formation. Each sphere consists of two half spherical “flødeboller” gently stuck together- a Danish classic treat made from soft Italian meringue covered in chocolate with a 66% almond paste base. One side is elderflower flavoured and the other side is citrus flavoured.

The ring of spheres represents eternity and 24 is both the carat of pure gold and is also the number of family, companionship and relationships. Depending on where you view the marvel, the cake-ring changes colour.

London-based designer Adam Nathaniel Furman trained in Architecture and Fine Art, and his works are created within these fields. For his wedding cake piece, he worked with Emily Garland – AKA Maid of Gingerbread – to create a gingerbread wedding cake design inspired by a Yantric devotional composition of celebratory forms, affirming the joy of coupling and marriage. The gingerbread has been created out of an ebullient union of gingerbread planes and gorgeous, lusciously coloured icing.

Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale are De Allegri and Fogale, a London design studio that consider premium and unconventional materials, melding industrial process with fine craftsmanship. Here they have worked with Konditor & Cook Cakes to create a wedding cake inspired by the colours and patterns in Venetian glass, and the shape of vintage goblets. Konditor & Cook have worked to create a shiny finish to the cake using sugar glass, icing and glaze – to create almost a lollipop-like finish.
The cakes were displayed at Fora Central Street before being cut and served for the public, in return for donations collected for Maggie’s Cancer Centres, the official charity for CDW 2018.