Five Easy Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life

March 2019


Unsubscribing from newsletters is an excellent first step

Using a tool like Cleanfox is quick and easy, plus you also get a tree planted in Zambia every time you use the tool. If unsubscribing is too much of a big step, perhaps move the tempting emails to Stoop, a recently launched app (iOS and Android) that curates them in one place and recommends when to unsubscribe if you’re not reading them (along with new ones you might like based on your actual reading habits).


Adopt inbox infinity

While ‘inbox zero’ works for some, the practice of getting rid of emails from an inbox is pretty much a fruitless exercise. Instead, choosing to read and action at different times can help you avoid being overwhelmed and make you more efficient. Now is the time to accept you can’t get back to every email (nor do you have to) and choose what you do get back to and when. Whatever you choose, don’t spend your life filing emails or replying to get to zero. Commit to being better at email for your sanity not because you want to be polite.


Silence the witter

The average person follows 707 people on Twitter. If we were to read the average number of words in a 140 character tweet (let alone longer tweets), we’d spend two hours a day just reading it all. Culling followers that no longer tweet, are toxic, bots and accounts you followed in a moments of frivolity, is a smart move to cut the clutter and create a better newsfeed. Use a tool like Crowdfire to do this quickly and efficiently.


Clean your phone…

…Digitally and physically (phones are often dirtier than the Underground according to scientific research). Digitally-speaking, commit to ten minutes to sort out the device that’s usually on your person as soon as you wake up until you go to sleep. Start by looking at what apps you haven’t used in the last one, three and six months. You can probably instantly delete the apps you haven’t used in six months – they’re giving you little to no value – and you can always re-download them. Apps that you haven’t used in three months or less need a bit of thought but be ruthless and aim to get rid of at least 50% that fall into any of the categories. The benefit of this is simple; you’ll find apps quicker, there will be more space on your device, and you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something.


One final tip: Make your phone boring

Turn your phone onto greyscale mode and turn off every one of the sounds bar the ones you need (phone ring, text message). While it may sound bizarre, research shows that people who do this find it easier to break habits like over checking, posting frequently and generally reduce the dreaded FOMO. Try it for a few days; it is easy to change back. Good luck with being boring!


Once you’ve finished your digital declutter, start thinking about the physical one. If it’s your office that’s calling for a complete shake up, Fora’s unique workspaces across London and Reading could be the perfect option. Check out all of our locations here.