Fora – Old Street: What our Residents say about their workspace

October 2019

Our flexible workspace on Central Street is where it all began. Close to Old Street, Fora’s very first space has always been home to an eclectic mix of Residents working in diverse industries from design, to PropTech, to advertising. At Fora, we’re very proud of our Old Street space, but don’t just take our word for it – Here’s what our Residents say…

Felicity Emmett / UK Country Manager @ Infraspeak How would you describe Fora? Fora is a coworking space for modern businesses. It actually helps businesses grow and work in a modern way, which is also good for people’s wellbeing. We’ve grown a lot since we’ve been here, and our space has been able to grow with us. When I’m interviewing people, they can see that we work somewhere great, beyond the company itself. And I found that really helpful.


How do you find the wellbeing resources and initiatives at work? Great! We have a wellness app and many on-site workout zones. It feels like there is always something going on like yoga or healthy breakfasts at Fora. But I also find it in the smaller things. For instance, they change the flowers every day so we have fresh, beautiful flowers all the time and that’s the kind of thing that makes me really happy.

Priya Patel / Business Development Manager @ Payal Events How would you describe Fora? To me Fora is an open workspace which stimulates creative and social aspects of life, as well as work-wise. Here I feel more creative and more inspired. There are always activities going on across the Fora network. But I mainly use the reading room, sofa areas and little pods. I love stopping by the cafe and looking at what’s going by the forum steps.


How do you find the wellbeing resources and initiatives at work? Fora is really good when it comes to wellness. We’ve got the gym downstairs, the reading room, regular wellness classes, smoothies and fresh tea. But for me, wellness also comes in the form of the team. The staff here are really great and amazing sounding boards. Every now and then they are just here to remind me not to stress, to take the pressure off and to say ‘keep going’. They help to ease my mind.

Joseph Lee / Account & Campaign Manager @ Ditto TV How would you describe Fora? A place that allows you to be yourself. I come in from the door, and there’s always a smile, there’s always a ‘how was your weekend’? ‘What did you get up to’? It’s a place that caters to my needs but also to my personality. There are lots of individuals, strong personalities here – but all the team at Fora brings them together and make us feel really great.


How do you find the wellbeing resources and initiatives at work? Every Friday I go to the breathing meditation session at Fora which is fantastic. Anyone who hasn’t tried it – please do. It just really restores me, lets me wind down from the week and sets me up for the new week totally refreshed. Plus, it’s a nice space to meet people.

Alex Mandel-Dallal / Guest Experience Manager @ Fora – Clerkenwell – Central St. How would you describe Fora? A place that you look forward to going into every day. How do you find the wellbeing resources and initiatives at work? Very consistent. At Fora, there are places that I know I can always go to restore. There are also wellness activities taking place all the time which help me to recharge. Especially the meditation session every Friday here at Fora – Central Street.


You can find out more information about Fora – Old Street here. And if you’re ever in the area, we’d love you to stop by for a coffee and a chat.