Fora Recommends: The Best Street Food In Soho

May 2019

Soho has embraced the UK’s street food trend in a big way with two of our favourite food markets: Berwick Street and Rupert Street. If you’re based in Soho, it’s super easy to pop by at lunchtime and feast on all of this…

London’s street food scene is booming. With low start-up costs and risks, opening a pop-up stall is a great way for foodies with a signature dish to get to market and have a slice of the action. If you’re based in Soho, what better way to support fellow entrepreneurs than by enjoying a bite at the best of the food markets in London’s West End. Lime Hut – Berwick Street Even when it’s drizzling in London, Lime Hut will bring you sunshine with its Caribbean dishes. Expect plenty of lime (of course), jerk marinade and mangoes from this health-conscious, flavour-loving stall. Lord of the Wings – Berwick Street You may be at a street food market near Oxford Street in London, but that doesn’t stop you from having an all-American lunch. Classic deep-friend chicken wings (all free-range) are smothered in sauces inspired by different US states. Make sure you have some of their waffle fries on the side. Lils Falafel – Rupert Street One of the best food markets in West End London also caters for vegans and vegetarians. Lils Falafel is a fail safe with its handmade Middle Eastern wraps. Soho Vegan Market – Rupert Street Every Saturday, Rupert Street hosts stalls dedicated to plant-based food. Even if you’re not working in Soho at the weekend, it’s worth making a special journey to sample all kinds of vegan dishes in one place. Savage Salads – Berwick Street Savage Salads lets you dine out at food markets in London’s West End without feeling guilty. Ideal if you’ve had a heavy weekend, the Italian and Swedish duo’s salads promise to give you a detox with plenty of veg and flavour.   All of these stalls are within a short walk of our Soho workspace. Come along anytime to see where else will be on your doorstep when you base your business here.