Fora Recommends: Top Lunch Spots Near Liverpool Street

July 2019

When you’re based in Spitalfields, you’re never short of somewhere to eat. Next time you need a quick lunch, take your pick from one of our favourite spots. They won’t disappoint.

The powers of a good lunch should never be underestimated. Taking the time away from your desk and exploring new places can only be good for creativity. So in the name of inspiring excellent work, here’s our rundown of the top places to grab a bite to eat around Spitalfields and Liverpool Street Station. Hungry Donkey Greek Souvlaki has made its way to the City of London and we couldn’t be more pleased. For a taste of authentic Greek cuisine, head up the road from Petticoat Lane Market to Hungry Donkey. Order a pita wrap stuffed with spit-roasted meat or falafel and round it off with traditional buffalo milk Kaimaki ice cream. Pilpel Just across the road from Old Spitalfields Market, you’ll find Pilpel. For all things chickpea and spice based, this lunch spot can’t be beaten. A huge range of salads makes it a nutritious choice. There are a few around London, but there are two close to our Spitalfields offices – one in the market and the other is just on the way to Liverpool Street Station. Rola Wala One of Pilpel’s many great neighbours, Rola Wala is also just opposite Old Spitalfields Market. It takes Indian street food to the next level with bold flavours and healthy ingredients. Take your pick from rolls and bowls full of curried veg and slow-cooked marinated meats. You can also pre-order your lunch online if you’re short on time. Poppie’s Fish & Chips Served with a ‘hefty dose of East End London charm’, Poppie’s Fish & Chips are the real deal. The owner has been in the fish and chip business since 1952 when he was just 11 years old, so he knows how to make a crispy batter, flaky fish and delicious mushy peas. Head down Commercial Street from Shoreditch High Street Station to find this 1950s-inspired diner.   Our Spitalfields workspaces, on Folgate Street and Princelet Street, are ideally located to enjoy all that East End London has to offer. Use the workspace as your base and get exploring the local cuisine, any day of the week.