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Fora Residents: My morning routine

August 2019

How you start your day says a lot about you. This is how you set yourself up and get ready for the day ahead. We often make time for the things that are most important to us in the mornings (of course, for some of us this is a lie-in). At Fora, we’re all about helping you bring your best to the work day. So we sat down with some of our Residents to understand how they start their days and here’s what they said:

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Alexandra Patten, Head of HR @ JackPot Joy:

“I’ve always been a morning gym person. But because we’re an international business, sometimes I need to get in the office early if I’m speaking to someone who’s in a different timezone and that eats up my routine. But what’s wonderful is that, the location and facilities here enable me to still be active throughout the day. And that clears my mind and helps me focus. If I’ve done my workout I can do anything”.


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Ahmed Detta, CEO & Founder @ Advanced Sustainable Developments:

“I use the office to start the day with coffee, breakfast and journaling. I spend 15 minutes every morning journaling my thoughts from the journey to work or anything from the night before. It’s my way of making sure there is no emotional attachment to anything and of staying in a pragmatic state to get the work done”.




James Dunnettt, Guest Experience Manager @ Fora – Soho:

  • “I’ve never been a morning person, so it’s always a black coffee with one sugar. Then I turn my music on. Music has always been such a big part of my life. It doesn’t matter what genre, but there is always music playing in my home. This is something I grew up with. My father is more passionate about music than anyone else I know, and this has certainly been passed down to me”.
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Simone Maini:

“I try to stick to the same morning routine. I generally wake up to the radio, listen to the news, and then I run to work or go to the gym. And that’s super easy at Fora because there are showers, towels and lockers. That’s a really nice and easy part of the morning”.

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Ryan Vincent, Member Engagement Executive @ INvolve – The Inclusion People:

“For a while I would just do a morning commute on the tube at rush hour. I realised very quickly that I absolutely hated doing that and it stressed me out so much to be on the tube. But luckily there is a gym, so I get up quite early and workout before work. To be completely honest, the main reason I go to the gym is to avoid rush hour. But that’s my motivation and that works for me”.


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Emma Mayer, Marketing Director @ Cytora:

“Most mornings I get up around 6am. I run or go to the gym and then I go home, drink some really strong coffee and grab some breakfast. I then start my day by looking at my to-do list, prioritising that and then having a meeting with my team to sync up”.


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Kolin Ekeocha, Guest Experience Host @ Fora – Clerkenwell – Dallington Street:

“I get up at 6am, brush my teeth, shower. Make myself some simple breakfast, like two boiled eggs. I usually listen to podcast or music while getting ready for work. Then I cycle to my destination. While I’m cycling, I like to set myself daily goals. They are usually small and realistic. Knowing that I can achieve them helps me boost my confidence”.




Matt Miller, Founder @ Broga:

“I have a 4-year-old Shar Pei. So the morning routine is dominated by what the dog wants. And once she’s got everything she wants, I can finally start my day off. Always with a green juice. Then I dedicate the first part of my morning – usually half an hour – to what I call frivolous me-time. It’s my time for social media or pop culture news before the day gets serious. Then I’m done with that, I don’t look at it for the rest of the day. After that I have breakfast and then the day begins”.



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