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How To Get The Most From Your Coworking Space In The Last Quarter


Before we dive headfirst into 2019, 2018 still has some life left in it so dig deep and reap the rewards. As much as you may want to hunker down and ride out what’s been a pretty challenging year in a few areas, it’s important to focus on ‘the party months’. Here are five things you might want to consider to finish the year in the best way and make sure 2019 gets off to the best start.

1) Plan or organise a regular mini-event to drum up business (or clear the cobwebs)

Whether six people or six hundred, events can be incredibly powerful and useful for new business or just thinking differently. Creating bespoke events for your business (or just for fun) not only extends your network but also encourages different experiences and collaborations to occur. A timely and straightforward way to get to know people could be to organise a co-working space Secret Santa.

Cooking Events
2) Identify collaborators and increase your referral network
Most people don’t know their neighbours well enough, and that can go double for co-working spaces. During busy periods it’s easy to just see people when grabbing a coffee or using the lift. Taking the time to meet the right people could mean the difference for your business. Maybe it’s a good vendor recommendation or an event that you didn’t know about it. Establishing and maximising a strong network can be paramount to success during harder years. Why not go through the various existing locations and create your strategy for when Fora opens its six new spaces next year? Referrals and collaborations are possible with a smart approach.

3) Scout some new talent for 2019

A significant risk to a lot of businesses is often not having the right staff or making hires quickly enough according to Nikita Gicanda Vervelde from JV and Partners, a specialist technology recruitment firm. “It’s never a bad time to meet new talent and show them what they are missing”, Vervelde says. “Going to events, organising coffees and asking people who they recommend is a smart strategy that pays when you need it later.”

4) Review your output, create some content for 2019 in 2018
During the quiet months, it’s easy to slow down and slack off a bit but “…That’s dangerous” according to Buzzbar co-Founder Anna Downey. Buzzbar is a new type of agency that operates a walk-in function where you can get content analysis and creation on an hourly basis. “You can just end up doing more or the same or worse,” says Downey. “A better strategy is to get an independent review and then decide what you can do and what you need to outsource.” Creating new content can be equally as simple. From simple interviews or chats with people to create blogs, tweets, updates and videos to more challenging content (like a podcast or roundtable events), spending the time creating this content in 2018 can save hours and headaches in 2019.

5) Increase your wellness
The end of the year can be stressful – it can also full of drink, sweets and lack of sleep. Take some time in 2018 to create some good habits whether that’s using a nap pod, hitting the Fora gyms, attending wellness events or using a member benefit like the Travel and Dining club offer, eLearning courses or the fun Onigo Outdoor Escape game! Think about expanding your mind, seeking out new options and trying new things.