How To Hack Your Fora Experience

February 2019

Fora isn’t your average workspace thanks to the ultra-considered design, community elements and active ethos. Each location is unique, and there are hidden benefits to every Fora that could save you money, time and boost your overall wellness. Here are some ways to hack your Fora experience (on top of the discounted oat lattes and delicious free snacks).

Let your wallet get fat while you get fit and healthy

Every Fora has a wellness element that works throughout the space. All Residents have access to on-site gyms and discounted yoga, meditation and workout classes that can save you a ton of money. Need some advice? Book a personal trainer using the Fora Wellness app and your first 30 minutes are free. MONEY SAVED: +£200 a year

Get out of town on Fora

Fora partnered with Zip Car for a reason; people need to get out of cities sometimes. Maybe nip to Brighton, Epping Forrest or Ashridge Estate in Birkhamstead. Whether you’ll need a personal or business Zip Car account, you’ll receive big discounts when you sign-up through Fora. As a bonus, Fora also negotiated no congestion charges, free fuel and insurance included in the fee. MONEY SAVED: £100

Find your oasis in the city

While the Borough nap pod is getting an upgrade, you can chill (or dance your heart out) in the Reading Room with vinyl and Bluetooth headphones. If you are north of the river, head to Gallery on 5 at Fora – Clerkenwell – Dallington Street for rooftop views of the city, or the below-ground haven at Fora – Clerkenwell – Central Street. MONEY SAVED: £520 (weekly meditation classes at £10 each)

Think deeper, get your news slower

Tortoise is a Fora Resident company, and they are giving every Fora member a free subscription. Residents can also go to any of the ‘Thinkins’, a unique experience that sets Tortoise’s news agenda and gets the grey matter ticking over (you even get one for free on us). Thinkins are also a great way to meet experts in topic areas that may be useful for business if you pick the right one. MONEY SAVED: £500 (10 x £25 for Thinkins, £250 membership)

Party hard, save more

Why not use Fora for your next networking event or even your birthday party? Whether booking for your birthday or your business workshop, Residents get up to 50% off venue hire at most Fora locations including the Top Floor at Borough and Gallery on 5 at Dallington Street (pictured). MONEY SAVED: Could be hundreds, Fora don’t judge… go large.

Stop buying books and cancel your magazine subscriptions

Don’t forget the selection of magazines that are curated by the We Love Print team gets refreshed every month. Foyles also rotates the books at Fora so why not use them for inspiration and relaxation. Don’t see what you need? Let us know, and we’ll see about getting that title in. MONEY SAVED: £30