How To Make The Most Of Your Bank Holidays

May 2019

The majority of professionals in England and Wales get eight bank holidays a year. With two of those falling in May, ‘tis the season for taking the time to concentrate on you. But for the busy and the motivated, unwinding isn’t always top of the agenda – or very easy to do.

The benefits of well-earned respite shouldn’t be underestimated. Studies have shown that you’re much less able to make clear decisions when you’re in need of a break. This is because our brains actually need to reset from time to time. So how can use your valuable days off to reprogram your mind?

First and foremost, schedule in a proper break

In 2017/18, work-related mental health issues accounted for 57% of all sick days. Therefore, taking the time to de-stress is even essential for the sustainability of your business. Force yourself to take a breather from work by booking a getaway – whether that’s a cottage in the countryside or flashy apartment for a city break – and be sure to actually log off and rest.

Work on your wellbeing

Our bodies have an inbuilt ‘flight or fight’ response to short-term stress, but we find it very difficult to deal with ongoing pressure. A vast number of studies have shown that long-term stress results in heart problems, insomnia, memory defects and even stomach issues over time. Use bank holiday Monday to concentrate on your mental and physical wellbeing. Doing exercise is thought to improve self-esteem and cause positive chemical changes in the body. If you’re a Fora Resident, you’ll get a discount at 3Tribes Borough, where you can opt for a yoga class or even a session in one of their ultra-relaxing floatation tanks.

Spring clean

Longer evenings, warmer days and an extra day off are huge encouragements to have a spring clean, and with good reason. Clutter is said to make us feel overwhelmed and anxious because we see it as unfinished business. Use the day to have a clear out and a deep clean, whether that’s in your physical or digital space. Chances are it will give you a motivation boost on Tuesday.   Set some personal and career goals When we’re busy with the projects and tasks of everyday work life, there often isn’t time to think about what you’re really working towards and this can be demotivating. What do you really want to achieve in the next two, five and ten years? Some time off gives you a chance to reflect and break your overarching goals down into achievable steps for the next few months. Maybe you’ll decide to book an online course or sign up for some industry networking events. Whatever you choose, setting SMART personal goals is something that should be approached proactively.   At Fora, we believe that wellbeing should be an essential part of working life. Come and explore our spaces to see how they make you more productive and motivated without you even noticing.