Our Top 15 Podcasts For Business Advice And Inspiration

June 2019

All hail the audio revolution. There’s a podcast for everything now, and it has never been easier to get that all-important dose of information and inspiration. Now you can hear from the experts during your commute, at the gym or even while doing your life and house admin.

Here at Fora, we’re all about audio. Our Soho location even features podcast recording studios that our Residents can hire. So in our excitement, we compiled a list of our top 15 podcasts to help you learn while you listen (in no particular order). They’ll leave you thinking, creating and feeling extra inspired. Here goes…

Freakonomics The place for understanding socioeconomic issues in a way that appeals to, and is relevant to, everyone. It’s a great way to uncover the answers to things you’ve always wondered about, and the ones that you haven’t. Topics range from brand focuses to the all-encompassing issues like rent control.


How I Built This Gain an insight into the world’s best-known companies and their stories. The focus of each episode is wide-ranging, spanning across innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists. Think Glossier powerhouse Emily Weiss and Whole Foods’ very own John Mackey.


In Good Company A podcast created to showcase and inspire working women. Hosted by Otegha Uwagba, founder of Women Who and author of the bestselling modern career guide Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women.


Eat Sleep Work Repeat Your route to discovering the joy of work by learning how to modify your approach when tackling the daily grind. It’s not all complicated stuff, and that’s why it works. Think bite-sized tips to overhaul your job, and throw in a fair share of facts and studies to back it up.


Stylus Future Thinking This one is all about elevating and discovering new opportunities, with the input of industry thought-leaders and commentators. ‘Why Brands Need to Put People First’ was our standout episode.


The Tim Ferriss Show It became the first business podcast to pass 100 million downloads. Think tactics, tools and routines that world-class performers use, and think how these can be applied to you. Go a step further and pick up Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Workweek for ultimate inspo.


She Did It Her Way A deep-dive into the most important questions that surface when starting a business. There’s dedicated episodes on getting through setbacks and having a strong sense of self-belief.


The School Of Greatness There’s a few different formats to choose from here – from longer form interviews with world-class game changers to solo rounds with the host, and weekly listener-favourite, the 5 Minute Friday.


The Top Entrepreneurs In Money, Marketing, Business and Life There’s an episode for every day, literally. With 20-minute interview formats, you’ll gain digestible insights from a unbeatable range of entrepreneurs.


Problem Solvers Hear how world renowned CEO’s recovered from crippling business problems and came out happy and successful. Hint: It’s all about learning from the hard times.


How Success Happens An opening up and examination of excellence and the factors make it possible. Think outside the box and think high and low (ultra marathoners to Polar Explorers to be specific).


Ctrl Alt Delete Emma Gannon’s podcast focuses on the relationships her guests have with the Internet, and how they manage the pressures of being online. Guests vary from influencers, bloggers, authors and television personalities.


The Diary Of A CEO Experience Steven Bartlett’s journey from university drop out to CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, Social Chain. Episodes take a monologue form and cover personal insights, industry trends and transformations.


Soho Radio Never miss a show from our friends at Soho Radio. Choose to listen back to the likes od Ben Connors, Kelly Ford, Carwyn Ellis and Pete Paphides, covering music and culture topics from Japanese Grime to comedy and satirical shows. As of summer 2019, Soho Radio will broadcast live from the ground floor of Fora – Soho.


You can find out more about our Soho location, complete with podcast studios, here. Or why not take a look at all of our Fora locations? If you’re ready to visit us in person, go ahead and book a tour via the tab on the left.