Stop what you’re doing and think about your employer brand

September 2019

Like it or not, we all carry a personal brand and image with us every single day. This is influenced by what we wear, how we behave and the views we share with the world. This runs true of your employer brand too, and If your business is growing quickly, thinking carefully about your employer brand now will help you save time and money in the long run.

Having a defined point of view and recognisable behaviours and beliefs is the place to start, and what you’ll become known for. A strong employer brand puts you in the best position to compete for the best talent, plus it allows people to align themselves with your brand. Office Vibe reported that employee turnover can be reduced by 28% by investing in employer brand, and here are our tips to achieve just that.


Culture, culture, culture

Bringing in and retaining the right talent for your business is a challenge, but getting culture right will put you in good stead. 83% of millennials are actively engaged when they believe an organisation fosters an inclusive culture. Your culture should be unique to you as a business. What do your team need to be the best at their job? Is it flexible working, breakfast on-site or childcare vouchers? Assess what works for you, and distribute that message. Use your intranet, internal communications platforms and on-boarding guides to sell that culture from day dot.



The environment you work in has a huge impact on happiness, culture and staff engagement. Getting this right can do wonders for your team, and make you a great prospective employer. Fora’s workspaces offer businesses the right space to get creative, collaborate and do their best work. Plus, our concept means your space can grow as you do.

All Residents also have access to a range of wellness classes, discounts and events to meet new people, unwind and burn off energy. Explore what our private office packages look like in more detail here. An added bonus is that new recruits will always be impressed by your space when they see photos online and come in for an interview. This could be make or break between your job offer being accepted or declined.



Keeping the story alive

Who can tell your employer brand story better than your own people? Give them flex to do this in a way that feels authentic to them. This could be UGC films that they post on their account and you share on your corporate account. Employee voice is 3x more credible than the CEO’s when it comes to talking about working condition in that company, so be sure to put them at the core.

This isn’t just good for getting your message out there; it also increases the likelihood of getting the right talent into the business when you need it. You’re giving prospective candidates more content to digest and for some this will be when they drop off, which isn’t a bad thing, especially as 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search. By expanding your profile on social channels, you’ll begin to reach a broader, yet tailored, audience (especially if likeminded people start engaging with posts).


Brand advocates

Once you’ve got a social strategy and a pattern for posting, build a network of brand advocates. This goes a long way and doesn’t need to be too technical. While 75% of customers don’t believe your advertisements, 90% will happily treat the word of friends as gospel. You’ve got to use this to your advantage. Creating a simple guide around best times to post, hashtags to interact with and content themes is a great way to ensure their content is a match for your business.

Make sure you select the people who want in and feel passionately about the company goals and future. Want to show you trust and value them? Add in employee referral schemes to share the hiring responsibility with your team (and give them an incentive to make it worth their while, whether it’s financial, a lifestyle perk or an additional holiday day), they’ll appreciate being part of the big decisions.



The money

Reduce your cost to hire and retain great people by anchoring your recruitment efforts to your employer branding. Get it right and you won’t have to throw so much money at recruitment for a role when you really need to grow the team.

Reputation carries more weight than money ever can, and with the right employer brand strategy and consistency, you can call upon your reputation and brand advocates to make the recruitment journey that bit easier.


Make it yours

Where are your audience? Be there. Use your platforms to distribute the message, whether you hinge posts on different behaviours that make your business, or you match them all to hashtags is up to you. First up, define what your mission and employee behaviours look like (do this as a workshop and let everyone have their say). Then distribute the message internally and get your team’s buy-in. If they don’t believe and front it, no-one else will.

Finally, take that message to market. Make your voice heard and ensure prospective candidates know what you stand for the minute they chat to your staff, land on your socials or your website.   Above all, live your values and let them shine through in everything you do. Get your visibility and profile up, but make sure you’re anchoring everything you do to the values and behaviours that feel authentic.

Do it right and you’ll secure (and retain) talent who are right there by your side. Don’t leave your employer brand to chance, a lot hinges on it. We believe that it all starts with having the right space to shape your business.


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