The Benefits Of Listening To Music At Work

July 2019

  It’s no secret that human beings love music – we’ve been making it for the last 40,000 years. But did you know that music affects nearly every region of our brains? At Fora, wellbeing at work is one of our key focuses so we were keen to find out exactly how music can impact our mood and productivity. Here’s what we found:

  Entire university departments and degree programmes are dedicated to the study of music and its positive effect on wellbeing. It’s a huge topic with lots of academic weight behind it. So why is listening to music such a force for wellness at work?  

Tune in and switch on

Music is believed to help you concentrate. Science says that two parts of our brains are working at any one time: the conscious and unconscious. The conscious part concentrates on the task at hand while the unconscious tries to notice everything else going on around us. Music essentially numbs our unconscious by diverting it from the other distractions around us (like someone sniffing, coughing or tapping on their keyboard).  

Music for memory

Ever find you can hum along to a song in your head but can’t remember the words? It could be because the parts of your brain that store and release memories have easily retrieved some information (the rhythm) and are using this to try and remember the lyrics. Listening to music could boost your memory in general by exercising the unconscious mind and helping us link different pieces of information together.  

Listen to clear your mind

Ever heard of the Mozart effect? It’s a well-versed phenomenon. Researchers at the University of California found that listening to Mozart improved special reasoning skills. Will listening to some of his sonatas help you concentrate on difficult tasks at work? There’s only one way to find out.  

Inspirational music

Need some inspiration? Why not turn on some Beethoven, Holst or Vivaldi. Uplifting classical music has been shown to elicit creativity, so turn it up when you need to get those juices flowing.  

Beat the blues with music

Music is said to reduce stress. A study of patients undergoing surgery found that listening to music reduced anxiety and post-operation pain. Music’s ability to enhance overall stress and wellness is perhaps the most compelling reasons to pop in your headphones at work.   Fora is always exploring new ways to build wellness into working life. Come and see us to find out how we’re shaping workplaces for wellbeing and productivity.