How Coworking Will Help You Grow Your Network (And Your Business)

March 2019

The world of work is changing, and we’ve moved away from a traditional office model and that dreaded ‘corporate culture’. ‘Coworking’ first entered use in 2005, but now opportunities are far greater than ever before. So is coworking the right choice for your growing business? The short answer is usually yes. Especially at Fora.

Part with the vision of freelancers and entrepreneurs sat in isolated booths brainstorming to the radio. Shared workspaces offer much more to get immersed in and take advantage of, including countless opportunities to accelerate business growth.

There has never been a better space to grow a business, develop an idea or hire a team. Shared office spaces are designed to allow businesses to flourish and provide a flexible and low-cost base that works for your team that can grow with you. But you don’t have to compromise on culture. Shared doesn’t mean segregated. It purely means that the space works for you, and there will be other people occupying that space. Which is a fantastic bonus. The contacts you meet will unlock further opportunities – personally and professionally. They could be the people you bounce ideas off, partner with or exchange contacts with. The shared element of coworking is the key to rapid business growth for many, giving you access to a whole world that exists outside the parameters of a private office. With Fora, we cultivate a networking culture that you can tap into in the way that suits you. Whether you need individuals with specialist skills for a project, want opportunities to learn from others or simply want to grow your network; Fora’s workspaces are especially optimised to facilitate just that. Hold on for that eureka moment – by the lifts, in the kitchen or on that afternoon coffee round.

But why is Fora different from the rest? 

We put network building at the forefront of our plan. It was never an afterthought. Because we built our model (and our workspaces) with this in mind, we do it pretty well. But, how and what do we provide? 1) The fundamental designs of our buildings facilitate flow with plenty of social spaces to bump into, and regroup with, likeminded people. With spaces to fire up your creative energies and get those ideas down. 2) We have a dedicated events team who schedule lots of great workshops and talks, giving our Residents chances to meet up with likeminded people. The themes and topics covered are adapted to suit demand and Resident interests. There are some calendar events that we feel especially passionately about as a business. International Women’s Day is definitely up there. That’s why, each year, we host a whole week of events to honour women. Our 2019 #ForaHer events were incredibly popular and featured such gems as the Tough Women In Sport and Adventure photo exhibition and discussion. 3) Membership isn’t limited to one building, and most of our Residents utilise their access to all Fora workspaces. That means having access to 1000 other Residents in London and Reading! Translation: A growing pool of creative and strategic minds within reach. And, by the end of 2019, we’re due to double this figure.


  Ready to grow with Fora? Come and explore our spaces and see what they could deliver for you. Contact us at here or book a tour using the tab at the side to make that initial step towards brilliance.