Praxedis - mental Health

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

October 2019


Ahead of Mental Health Day 2019, for which teenage mental health is a major focus, we asked our Residents to share the advice they would give to their 15-year old selves. Here’s what they said…

Georgina - Mental Health


Georgina Stapley, Guest Experience Host @ Fora – Soho: Follow your dreams, nothing is too big. If you have a gut feeling, follow it and just do your best. Anything is possible.


Ryan - Mental Health LR


Ryan Vincent, Member Engagement Executive @ INvolve – The Inclusion People: Stop listening to yourself so much and start listening to what other people are saying about you and about who you are. I’m not necessarily saying that you should believe what everyone says but don’t be too hard on yourself – you are always your own worst critic. Acknowledge the positive points that people see in you and use that to build yourself.


Alex Precup - Mental Health


Alex Precup, General Manager  @ Fora – Borough: Don’t be so shy. I’m still working on that now, but I have come a long way. Have more courage to engage with people and don’t be afraid. Once you open up to others, the whole world opens up.


Praxedis - mental Health


Praxedis Page, Director @ Ink Research: Whatever it is, be passionate about what you do because you’re going to work for most of your adult life and if you do not enjoy it, regardless of the money, you’re going to be miserable. So pursue your passion and everything else will fall into place.


Alex - Mental Health


Alex Mandel-Dallal, Guest Experience Manager @ Fora – Central Street: Whenever you feel nervous or panic, slow down and breathe. Once someone told me that, it just shifted, and everything seems calmer.


Felicity - Mental Health


Felicity Emmett, UK Country Manager @ Infraspeak: It’s a journey. There are always difficult times and easy times but you can always change directions – there is never a closed door, nor a linear path. And in the act of changing directions, more things actually become available to you. So don’t freak out about making decisions that change your path. Keep opening doors.


Joseph - Mental Health


Joseph Lee, Account & Campaign Manager @ Ditto TV: Don’t worry because the path you think you’re going to go on is probably not the path you end up taking. The best path is actually the one you stumble across, the one that’s spontaneous. So whatever you do, just go for it, be all in and you’ll be surprised where you might end up.


Nik- Mental health


Nik Nicolaou, Guest Experience @ Fora Soho: Get out of your usual space, go enjoy nature and the sunshine – it clears your head.


Emanuele - Mental health