Why A Business Podcast Is The Right Way To Go

April 2019

  It’s 2019 and it feels like we’re all busier than ever before. Everything around us is moving at rapid pace and even waiting for a couple of minutes for the tube, or crossing a road, seems like an inconvenience. The same applies for the way we digest content. We want it now and we want it quickly.

    Gone are the days of mindlessly reading lengthy articles, and in comes the almighty podcast. The likes of eBay, Microsoft and Natwest are already putting a stamp on podcasting. Now, it’s your turn.

The audio revolution

The podcast industry is truly booming, and Ofcom recently reported that 6 million adults in the UK tune in each week. There’s a show for almost everything and, as a listener, it’s a great way to incorporate digestible information into your everyday. The audio form lets us listen alongside other tasks, meaning this profitable medium is one that most of us are tapping into – whether it’s on our commute, cooking or at our desks, we’re donning our headphones and getting into the swing of them.  

Finding your voice

As a business, dipping your toes into the audio revolution makes perfect sense, especially if you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry. The way you do this and the topics you cover are completely up to you and depend on your business model but should be representative of your brand’s point of view. Having a defined (and consistent) stance on the world is essential when projecting this voice to a new stage. If you’ve got industry news or updates on trending topics, then these can be the start points for your discussions. Why not involve your partners and invite any contributors to talk about their respective fields? The stance you take has to be unique and distinct to you, that way your podcast will support your other content and messaging. Done correctly, business podcasts can add immense value from a marketing and traffic standpoint.  

Consistency is key
Podcasts are a great way to continue adding value for your customers or users, plus they provide an opportunity to tap into new potential audiences. There are a few things to consider before starting out though:
– Make sure you have a structured upload system in place so your listeners know when to expect the next instalment.
– Collaborate with sponsors, partners or influencers to really see your listener figures grow.
– For ultimate visibility, upload your podcast episodes to a variety of distribution channels. We recommend Buzzsprout and Audioboom as a starting point.

– Keep publicising your episodes (old and new) on your social media channels to increase visibility.  

Getting started 

Although it’s a clear win, starting a podcast can feel daunting – especially if you’re thinking of sourcing all the equipment yourself. We’ve taken the hassle out of that process – our latest Fora space in Soho will have fully kitted out podcast studios, operated by Soho Radio, upon opening in a few weeks time. Giving you more time to channel your energies into the topics you cover, and putting all the laborious admin to one side.   Watch this space for updates on the opening of our podcast studios in Soho. In the meantime you can explore all of our spaces here.