Why Fora is the real design-led workspace

January 2020

From air-quality to the chairs in each foyer, Fora lives for good design. Sometimes functional, sometimes inspirational, our goal is to make you more productive without you noticing.

From our choice in art to the way our tables have rounded edges to encourage more open communication, Fora is obsessed with creating design-led workspaces that sing to our Residents. And this is especially true for our next two locations to officially open their doors; Fora – Spitalfields – Folgate St. and Fora – Soho. Both spaces have productivity baked into their innovative design and, along with impressive views, feature impressive shared spaces to hold events, meetings and generally work happier and smarter. If you’re a Fora Resident, be sure to pay our latest spaces a visit. If you’re not a Resident but like the sound of our design-led spaces, why not book a tour via the tabs to the left? When you stop by, you won’t want to miss these creative highlights:

The Concierge desk at Folgate Street

Jonathan Mizzi and his team lovingly created Folgate Street’s bespoke Concierge desk from their London office, featuring clean curves, the smooth counter is the first thing you’ll see upon entering the building. It’s also the first port of call for anything our Residents need from the Fora team (including barista coffee!)

The vinyl walls

The vinyl wall was such a hit in our Borough space we re-envisioned the feature for the new Soho location. Here you’ll find a diverse range of wall-mounted albums posing as prints and, of course, the record player on which to enjoy them all.

Prints by Stuart Free

Stuart’s prints adorn more of the walls in Soho (Fora’s 7th residence) and, per his usual style, they chronicle the area and other London landmarks. See his other great work here.   Gavin Turk and The House Of Fairytales Gavin Turk, the Londoner known for his use of ingenious materials and unique takes on everyday objects, features throughout our Folgate Street residence. Turk established the children’s art charity, The House Of Fairy Tales, in 2007 to give children from all socioeconomic backgrounds access to imaginative spaces to learn and play.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2020

May 2020 sees Fora play a big part in this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week during which we’ll be hosting a range of events as an official fringe partner of the festival. Ready to see our workspaces for yourself? Book a tour via the tab on the left or check out each of our locations here.